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Friday, January 2, 2015

Refresh in 2015

Did you all have a good New Year?  
Ours was quiet as usual, 
but that's the way I like it!  
We had a game night planned 
but our boys both got the flu.  
They live about 10-15 minutes away from us.  
Miss Beaux and I brought them supplies 
and tried not to touch anything while we were there.  
They are much better now, thankfully. 

Did you make any resolutions?  
Mine are not so much resolutions, 
they are more like goals.  
Last year the goal was to "Lighten Up".  
I think I did pretty well.  
I will do a follow up post on that soon.  
But let's talk about this year...  
This year the goal is to 
Let's face it, 
even though you may like your decor 
it might just get a little tired.  
Things get worn, 
styles or trends get dated, 
and there is no better time 
like the New Year to freshen up!
I started this year in the Laundry Room.  
Why the Laundry Room? 
Mostly because Michaels 
had 50% off on all baskets.  
I found these and thought they would 
be perfect for the Laundry.  
I keep rags in one,
and dish towels in another.  
Shhhhh, the top basket 
is for stashing random things 
when the house gets shown.  
 I named my goal "Refresh in 2015" 
because I don't really have any plans 
to paint or remodel with the house up for sale.  
All of the rooms are in good condition 
so that would be a huge waste 
of my time and money.  
But refreshing is easy and fun!  
Once I found the baskets, 
I remembered these blue and white pottery pieces 
that I found at an Estate Sale 
and had stashed away.  
$5.00 total investment on half off day.  
Down came the silver trays that I had there before 
and up went the blue and white.  
You can see the past 
Laundry Room Makeover HERE.  
I can't believe it was in 2012!  

 I had originally thought of 
using these in Colorado 
but here they are now...
I removed the fabric from the back of the shelves.  
I applied it with fabric starch 
and it stayed there nicely for two years.  
When I removed it there was no damage whatsoever.  
I added simple baskets that I already had on hand.  
We found these cute tags at Michaels too.  
You will laugh when I tell you 
what is in these baskets...
The dog sweaters and costumes!  
Miss Beaux talks me into buying the craziest things...  
Then we just laugh and laugh when we dress them up.  
I would think that we were totally crazy 
but Mr. Beaux's mom used to do the same thing... 
OK, let me tell you 
that this is the BEST thing I have ever thought of!  
I took a magnetic towel holder 
and put it on the dryer, 
then I looped this wire basket 
holding dryer sheets to it.  
Once I put the wet clothes in the dryer 
I just grab one and throw it in!  
I never have to look for them 
and the room smells fresh.  
I kept my vinyl sign on the wall with the shelf.  
It also is in perfect condition after two years!
I hung up these vintage aprons 
that are a pretty sheer filmy material.  
I imagine someone like Laura 
from The Dick VanDyke show 
would wear these as she is cooking dinner 
for Rob's boss on a Thursday night.  
She'd be wearing her chic black skinny pants 
called pedal pushers 
and one of those cool mock turtleneck tops...  
And then Rob would come home and trip over the ottoman!  
All in all I probably spent $40.00 
total for the baskets.  The other things I just
had around the house.  
Even the rug that Jasper is posing on...

And there you have it!  
Refresh 2015 has begun!  

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Hillsdale Cottage said...

I love the saying "It all comes out in the wash" I say this to my boys every time I think they are being dishonest..Your laundry room is nice and organized!

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

Very pretty Cindy!!

Lucy said...

Lovely laundrey room!! I, too, have a basket for the dog costumes!! You know what they say about great minds!! I have a lot of shelves above the washer and dryer and as much as I would love to use all baskets up there, my little set income budget says "NO"!!! So, I think I might cover some shoe boxes with some fun gift paper and fill in with them! What do you think?! Your blog is wonderful and always a treat to read! Thank you and Happy New Year!! Lucy

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

Is the wire basket on the SIDE of the dryer? That IS a great idea, I keep mine in the drawer under the dryer. They are on pedestals. We have LOTS of things to do this year. The FIRST is to PAINT!!! We have been here 2 years and I hate the white walls, I NEED some color:):) Happy new year!

Gina Kleinworth said...

Oh what a lovely space - so swooning over those baskets

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh everything looks so fresh for sure. I need to declutter and then paint,that will be my refresh. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me.

Sweet Parrish Place said...

Very pretty laundry room. Love the blue and white touches!

Jamie | anderson + grant said...

Love your style! I'm clicking through links at The Scoop party, and seem very drawn to you :) This laundry room would make the task so much more enjoyable. It is so bright and homey.

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