Sunday, January 25, 2015

Real or Fake?

The Enchanted Home
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  
I guess the Northeast got some snow?  
It is the middle of winter now isn't it?  
This is about the time I yearn for spring's arrival.  
I was thinking of spring 
when I saw The Enchanted Home's 
Gorgeous entryway with her new custom wallpaper.  
If you haven't seen it run over 
there and check it out!  
She had these beautiful ginger jars 
filled with very realistic sprays of flowers.  

I started thinking about what I have in my house...  
And I thought it would be fun 
to go from room to room and ask you...
Real or Fake?  
These are in my Living Room behind the sofa...
 And this bowl sits on the kitchen table...
This is in Miss Beaux's room...
And this sits by the bed in one of the boy's rooms.  
 My new Nell Hill's container with a fern in it... 
Real of Fake?
And lastly, an arrangement 
that I made for a Sunday showing 
that we had this morning...  
How did you do?  
I'm not telling!!!  
But these days it's pretty hard to spot 
the fake from the real.  
I enjoy both!  

Gotta run, having dinner with friends!
Until Next Time,
Beaux R'eves