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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sending a Little Bit of Home to College

Wow!  I have been so busy lately!  
I just got back from a long weekend in Vegas.  
Now, before you go conjuring up images 
of me pulling the slot machine arm let me explain...  
It wasn't THAT kind of a trip.  
I was helping my BFF 
move her mother-in-law to assisted living.   
Eleanor (as I like to call her) 
was recently widowed 
and will be joining us in Kansas 
to be closer to her family.  
This trip was a meet and greet with the movers, 
the realtors, and the Estate Sale people.  
We also inventoried her furniture 
to see what will fit here 
in the assisted living apartment 
(which is lovely BTW) 
And, we took her shopping 
to find out her likes and dislikes.  
She is a wonderful lady 
and I can't wait until she is closer 
so I can get to know her better! 

On to the title of my post!  
My beautiful daughter called me yesterday 
and was a tad bit homesick.  
It's about that time right?  
4-6 weeks after they go away 
they get lonesome for home.  
Well, I had the perfect remedy!  
I drove up this afternoon 
and brought her some goodies 
and had lunch with her. 

Here is one of the things that I gave her today:
contacted me and asked me to review their product.  
I thought this was the perfect 
application for the review.  
Sending a little bit of home to college.  
Miss Beaux misses the Bubs most of all!  
Whenever we talk she asks how they are 
and wants to talk to them on the phone.  
Creating the print was SO EASY!  
Taking the picture however 
was a little bit more difficult!  
Imagine trying to get three 
of your furry friends up on the outdoor sofa, 
all in a row AND some smiles to boot!  
(lots of treats were involved)  
Once I took the photo I just uploaded it 
on the site and followed the 
easy self guided directions.  
The canvas print came in the mail 
in less than a week 
and was packed in a nice sturdy box.  
The quality is great 
and the frame it is stretched on 
is very substantial.  
I would certainly order from them again!  
She loved it!  
And now she has a very special photo 
to look at when she needs a little bit of home.

Until Next Time,
Beaux R'eves,

***The Easy Canvas people sent this product 
to me to review but the opinions belong to me***

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fall on the Front Porch

 Yesterday I showed you all of the fun things 
at Nell Hill's Fall Open House.  
I was smitten with her baskets for fall 
so I decided to use my baskets again 
instead of a wreath this year. 
 I really feel like I cheated on this project.  
Mr. Beaux was watching the Chiefs game 
and I know it only took me 
a few plays to finish these.  
I actually had smaller baskets 
that I had used on the door 
last year that were prearranged.  
I shoved those down into my new baskets 
and added flowers around the outside. 
 I tucked a bow to the side 
and hung them on the front door. 
 I found these mums at Lowe's 
with the cute "Welcome" sign on them.  
I know you can't see it,
but there are two adorable squirrels holding the sign.   
It is very clear to me 
that my next project is 
sanding the doors and re-staining them.  
The summer heat and sun 
have done a number on the poor guys!  
 Not that I am trying to point out 
all of my faults 
but let's add painting 
the light fixture to the list!
 I planted flowering cabbage plants 
in the windowsill planters 
along with some pansies.  
The pansies were on clearance 
because they were a little leggy.  
But that's OK with me, 
they will do just fine.
 I set up some pumpkins 
and more mums by my bench.  
The pillow is actually an outdoor pillow 
that I just turned around 
and pinned a sunflower to the front of it.  
Of course, the blanket won't stay outside 
but I sure love the colors!
 Looks like a nice place to sit 
and watch my Bubbies (fur babies) 
while they sniff around outside.
 Thanks for coming over.  
How's Fall coming along over at your place?
Don't be a stranger!
Until Next Time,
B'eaux R'eves

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Monday, September 22, 2014

A Look at Fall over at Nell Hill's

The calendar says that it is officially Fall 
and this week the weather 
is finally hinting at it.  
I was finally motivated this weekend 
to drag out all of my fall boxes 
and start decorating.  
Of course I always need a good dose 
of inspiration before I start any project.  
We took a trip out to Nell Hill's 
for her Fall Open House 
a few weeks ago
and Mary Carrol did NOT disappoint!  
It is always so overwhelming 
that I have to walk thru twice 
before I can pick anything up to purchase.  
 As we walked in we were greeted with champagne 
and this wonderful blue and white display.  
What I love about Nell Hill's 
is that the prices are always so reasonable.  
The table settings are also chalk full of great ideas.  
I love the mix of colors and patterns here.  
Texture, pattern, color and shine... 
Oh wait, that was Stacy and Clinton right?  
My BFF bought one of the plaid trays.  
So cute!
I have a set of Johnson Bros 
that would look good with this setting.  
Hmmmmmm, maybe you will see this 
setup for Thanksgiving...
More great ideas.  
Need some Gallery inspiration?  
I am always inspired 
when I am here by the sheer talent pool.  
To be a fly on the wall 
when they are setting up displays...
Fall mantel ideas anyone?  
So much Eye Candy!
Simple but so much impact!
Of course, all of the beds were dressed for Fall.
So Adorable!
I loved the pillows on this bed.
Very pretty!
Plaid always says Fall to me.
Graphics for Fall...
I bought these baskets for Spring this year.  
I like how she has them all decked 
out with Fall foliage.

I fell in love with these tiny white flowers, 
so of course 
they had to come home with me.
I will show you my 
front door baskets tomorrow!  
Until Next Time,
Beaux R'eves,

Sharing at:
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