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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Master Bath Remodel~Finding the Right White

~~Sorry, I am reposting this.  It accidentally got deleted yesterday.  (Probably because I am a newb and when it said Do you want to delete this? I quickly said YES!!!)
I'm right in the middle of a Master Bath and Basement remodeling job for a client.  The Master Bath was basically a gut job keeping the only the flooring which was somewhat new and neutral.  I designed new his and hers vanities that were recently installed.  They were to be painted on site. We had decided on a creamy white but which white?
Idea photo: source

Did you know that there are over 140 off white colors in the Benjamin Moore Deck?  
Not as easy as you think to narrow down the right white.  

Here are some suggestions and tips for finding the perfect white:

1. Choose your color in the room that you are painting it.
 The lighting is different in each room and changes throughout the day.   So, we sat down in the bathroom with all of the decks and my paint kits from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams and started to narrow it down.  It really helps to have the larger samples to look at.  Most paint stores will let you order large 8X10 sample sheets at no cost.
2.  Make sure you have all of your surface samples.
  We had samples of the flooring, marble shower tiles, and the countertops. 
 Also include your finishes for the faucets, 
hardware and/or towelbars, we were using Brushed Nickel.
3.  Hang up your samples and look at them during different times of the day.  
Live with them for a while. 
 In a bathroom you are most likely to spend more time during the morning hours and before you go to bed.
  Really look at the colors during this time.
4.  Look closely at the undertones in the colors you have chosen.  I find the best way to do this is to hold my samples up to a pure white piece of printer paper.  You can really see the pink, yellow or blue undertones this way.
I see a lot of yellow undertones in this off white color.
And in this sample I see more peachy tones.  In the color deck it's much harder to see these differences.

5.  Pick a color and PRAY!  And remember, it's only paint.  What's the worst that can happen? 
 You have to paint it again?
Source: Google

Here are some of my tried and true whites for cabinetry and trim. 

Benjamin Moore:

OC-38 Acadia White-  This is a great trim color.  The trim in my house is all Acadia White and I love it.
 White Dove- This is a great no fail cabinet color.

Linen White- This soft color is great for trim with earth toned walls like you see below.

Bone White- This is a much bolder white, almost beige color.  It looks fantastic paired with darker wall colors.  It was my builder-partner's favorite.
Sherwin Williams- 

Steamed Milk- A creamy white with some grey undertones.

 This is the color I painted my guest room.  Trim is Acadia White OC-38  Benjamin Moore

Dover White 6835- I haven't personally used this color but it is very popular.  It's kind of a linen-y color.
So what color did we choose?  

After much deliberation we chose Benjamin Moore's White Dove.  It's the perfect combination of a brighter white with creamy undertones.  With all of the neutrals going on in the room we wanted the cabinets to pop.  This is a sneak peak at "His" vanity.  I am in love, love, love with the Crema Marfil marble tops.  So Beautiful and Luxe!!!  

~~I have to tell you this funny story before I wrap up this post.  Don't worry, I got permission from my client to retell it.  The cabinets were in and we had spent a lot of time picking the white color.  I mean a LOT of time.  She was very unsure and wanted it to be just right.  On the day they were to do the enameling she texted and called me in a panic!  "I think I hate it!  It's too white!"  I told her I would run over and check on them and make sure they had the color right.  I also asked her if it was perhaps the first coat of paint.  I had an idea of what the problem was but to be sure I went to the house to check.  Sure enough, my hunch was correct.  What she was seeing was the PRIMER coat which was a very bright stock white color.  I called her and let her know that everything was fine.  She was embarrassed but I told her it happens to everyone at some point.  I was just glad that I was there so she didn't have to worry about it all day while she was at work.  

Until Next Time,
Beaux R'eves,
XO Cindy

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Fall Decor~Bridging the Season

~Bridging the Season~ 
What does that mean?  Well, it's kind of like your wardrobe, maybe it's not quite fall weather but you don't want to wear bright Summer colors anymore. 
 It's kind of easing into Fall.  
Don't get me wrong!  I Love Fall Decorating!  
I'm just not ready for an explosion of fall leaves, pumpkins and lots of red, golds and greens yet. 
 So, I'm easing into Fall 
starting with my Entry table.

My inspiration
 (cause everyone needs a little inspiration, right?)
 was this chocolate brown and creamy white pumpkin. 
 My good friend gave me this beauty
 for my birthday last week. 
 She really knows what I like!  
Isn't it the cutest?  So of course I had to use it right away.
I searched around in my basement storage/staging area for colors that would compliment the pumpkin.
I wanted to keep it simple and only use cream, beige, green and a touch of the turquoise that runs throughout the main living areas.  
I have this weathered lantern that I placed a floral arrangement into and a grape vine wreath hangs on the edge.
I love the top of the lantern, I think it looks like an acorn top.
This is the cute plate that I got for a steal at Nell Hills during the Summer Sale.  It previously had sea shells and sand in it.  White pumpkins and acorns are taking their place.  
I placed this parsons chair here for now with a few pillows from my pillow stash.  I am working on another chair for this space but Mr. Parson will have to do for now.
I put up my ASCP mirror over the chest and stole a lamp from my buffet table.
Simple, Easy, Bridging the Season Fall Decor!  
Maybe now we will get some almost Fall weather. 

Crossing my fingers in the 97 degree heat!

Until Next Time,
Beaux R'eves,
XO Cindy

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Late Summer Tablescape

I was at the market the other day 
and I bought some beautiful pears.  
They weren't ripe yet so I placed them in a paper bag for a day and when I brought them out they were the most spectacular shade of green and gold and reds and yellows. 
 My favorite colors!
I think I am a late summer early fall kind of girl. 
 I have had these colors in my decorating scheme for as long as I can remember.  
I know that I haven't shown you these dishes yet.
  We bought them on our 25th wedding anniversary trip to Italy.  We stumbled upon a wonderful pottery shop near Amalfi in the town of Positano.  We chose the pattern and they hand painted our Initial on the top of the charger.
I had to wait a long time for them all to ship but it was worth it.  We use them as our everyday dishes and so far only one has broken and one has chipped.  
Today I mixed them with blue and white salad plates from JCP, red plates from Pottery Barn, and napkins from Pottery Barn and JCP.
I love mixing all of the patterns together.  I have an improvised table runner from a scrap of fabric left over from a client's kitchen curtains.  
My butter yellow rooster set usually sits in the kitchen window.  I originally purchased them for a client and then had to order a set for myself.  How does that happen?
My new Ironstone pitcher (an estate sale find)  is filled with pretty sunflowers and other colorful flowers.  Mr. Beaux came home and even commented on this table!  He ate at the island last night because he refused to mess it up.  

Side Note:  If anyone is reading this far down... I have a question.  I suffer from terrible sinus trouble and have for years.  I'm going in again to the ENT and I am researching the new Balloon Sinuplasty.  Has anyone had this?  Or anyone you know?  Anyone else suffer like I do year round?  Please let me know if you have any information.

Until Next Time,
Beaux R'eves,
XO Cindy

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Beautiful Monterrey and Carmel By The Sea

Wow, doesn't that just take your breath away?  
I have been to a LOT of places all over the world and I don't think that I can think of a prettier place than
 Monterrey and Carmel.  
Everywhere you look the coastline is just spectacular.
 This is where we stayed:
  The Martine Inn  in Pacific Grove. It's much prettier than this photo.  It was built in 1899 and remodeled into this slightly Spanish/Mediterranean facade.  You can walk right down to the water and walk 10 minutes to Cannery Row in Monterrey.  
Here is our room: The Parke Room which overlooks the ocean.  It was the original Master Bedroom. We would leave the small windows open at night and listen to the waves crashing against the rocks. 
 So Romantic!
There were lots of windows and look at this wonderful 1860 four poster bed.
There were too many antiques to mention
 and yet it didn't feel stuffy.  
I think the extensive use of white bedding and the soft curtains helped to lighten it up. 
The original claw foot tubs remain in the home even after many renovations. 
We were able to sneak a peek at the other rooms.  They would leave them open after they cleaned them.  See how they hang the pictures on the molding?  Love that!
I bet this bed has a history!
This was one of my favs.  I'm a sucker for blue toile...
Another cozy room with an awesome headboard.
In the dining room breakfast would be served overlooking the view.  And, evening wine and snacks too!  
Have you ever stayed in a B&B? 
 I know some people don't care for them. 
 As my sister put it, it feels like you are in too close of quarters.  But it doesn't bother me as long as I have my own personal bath.  I like the coziness of a B&B. 
Of course a trip to Monterrey and Carmel would not be complete without a trip through 17 mile Drive.  
   17 miles of Spectacular coastline and three golf courses which I guess are spectacular Haha!   Pebble Beach is the most famous course but Mr. Beaux says the the Spanish Bay is much prettier.  
Here is my idea of pretty on the golf course!  Look at these cuties!  And the golfers would just walk right by them.
The famous "Lone Cypress" is over 250 years old. 
 I love this photo!
I won't bore you (sorry if I have already) with a million vacation photos but you do have to suffer through a few more.  This is a B&B named
 the Gosby House in Pacific Grove. 
 We stayed here on our honeymoon 30 years ago.  Unfortunately it was booked so we couldn't stay there this time around.  But I did go up on the porch and Mr. Beaux took my picture.

And there I am way back when!!!  I know, nothing has changed right?  Cool wedges!
Wrapping up our trip I will post this photo taken in Carmel 30 years ago.  Looking at these newlyweds today I can't believe all that we have accomplished together.  We have been through so much together and I feel so lucky to be married to my best friend.  I could go on and on but this is supposed to be a design blog...  

Until Next Time,
Beaux R'eves,
XO Cindy

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Monday, August 20, 2012

I've Been Everywhere Man

I Have been everywhere!  
Everywhere but here sitting at my computer blogging.  
I took a much needed break (from the heat in the midwest) 
to celebrate our 30th Anniversary!!!  
If that isn't a good excuse to get away....  
Mr. Beaux took me on a fantastic trip out West 
where we retraced our honeymoon way back in 1982.  

We started our trip by dropping Miss Beaux off
 in Southern California where she stayed 
with my sister 
and had her own vacay at the beach for a week. 

 Mr. Beaux and I headed up to San Francisco and stayed at the Fairmont on Nob Hill (Not where we stayed on our honeymoon but it's OK by me to upgrade *wink*)

 The Fairmont is such an Iconic Hotel. 
 After surviving the 1906 earthquake with all of it's gorgeous marble pillars to support it, she finally succumb to fire 24 hours later.  Julia Morgan, the first woman graduate of the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris took over the job of the restoration.  After a short 12 months it was up and running and soon became the Posh place in the city to stay, dine and dance the night away.  

I certainly felt special staying here.  
How stunning is this room?

"What Mr. Beaux? A SUITE???  How sweeeeeet" 
The view was spectacular
 and the suite came with complementary room service for breakfast!!!  
I felt VERY spoiled!  

 We sneaked (snuck?) into the Gold Ballroom
 and took a few photos. 
 This is where they would hold regular Saturday 
night dinner and dancing.  

 Sigh, just gorgeousness!

The Lobby
The pillars are the original marble pillars from 1906. 
 Don't you want to sink into those crushed velvet sofas?

More of the Lobby.

We did make it out of the Hotel, I promise.  Here we are on our Anniversary night.  I set the camera on auto and jumped into this picture.  We had so much fun eating at the Quirky Tonga room at the hotel the first night, a great restaurant on the Wharf the next and fancy French dining on our anniversary.  

We always try to visit places that we haven't seen yet so we headed to the Haight Ashbury district and walked around for a bit.  

 Want to try on the largest Tye Dye T-shirt ever?

This was the cool ceiling at the same store.  

Does this look familiar to anyone?  
Yep, this is where they filmed the opening scene of Full House. 

Across the street is the park where they have the picnic.  

 I thought that I would be the only Goofball who would sit here and take pictures.  But as you can see, everyone had a camera and was snapping away.  Guess I'm not such an original after all.

There were so many pretty "Painted Ladies".  

Don't you love all the detail?  

As much fun as we had I can only spend about three days in a big city before I am itching to stretch out.  SO, we headed down the coast to Monterey and Carmel for the next part of our trip.  I'm excited to show you the Bed and Breakfast where we stayed so come back tomorrow for the  follow up post.

Also, besides all of the traveling I have done I have been working very hard on my bathroom and basement  remodeling project for my client.  I hope to have some photos up this week to show you the progress.  

Until Next Time,
Beaux R'eves,
XO Cindy