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Monday, November 24, 2014

Meet Jasper! The New Puppy

We have a new puppy!  
It just sort of happened...  
There was an auction of Cavaliers 
that I heard about through a Cavalier site 
that I follow on Instagram 
(mostly for the adorable pictures).  
They had shut down a Puppy Mill 
and they were going to auction off 100 dogs 
that the puppy mill had at their puppy farm.  
The auction was only a few hours away 
in Missouri so Miss Beaux and I talked Mr. Beaux 
into going on Saturday.  
Well as it happened, 
we didn't end up getting a puppy at the auction...  
A rescue organization 
had raised over $150,000 to buy the puppies. 
They bought 97 of them at a minimum of $3600 each!  
That was too expensive for me!  
But I guess we were supporting them 
in a way by being there.   
At least they won't go to another puppy mill 
to be over bred.  
So, we stopped at the pet store 
just to look at the puppies 
and when we walked in 
there was Little Jasper 
in the window with a sale sticker.  
The story is that he was returned 
by the family because the mother has Alzheimer's.  
They wanted to sell him quickly 
because he is 23 weeks old 
and younger puppies sell much better.  
   So we snatched him up and brought him home!  
He is crate trained and almost potty trained.  
He is very sweet and loving but active too!  
We feel like we performed 
our own little rescue 
by taking him home!  
Of course I know that our house is for sale 
and it probably is not the best time 
to get a new puppy.  
But it's like having kids... 
Is there ever a perfect time?  
All of the snuggles and puppy kisses 
are certainly worth the extra effort!

Until Next Time,
Beaux R'eves,

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Bookshelf Styling~Staging Our Home For Sale

Good Afternoon!  
Well it has been a busy week 
so far and it is only Tuesday!  
Right about now a Caribbean Vacation 
sounds wonderful!  
Especially with these temps!  
Thanks for all of your kind comments 
about the changes to the house.  
We have already had one showing 
and we have two more booked!  
Cross your fingers for us!  
Many of you asked me why 
we have decided to sell our home.  
We have lived here twelve years 
and we love this house, 
but it is only the Mr. and me with 
Miss Beaux away at college.  
It is a wonderful family home 
that is great for kids and entertaining 
but now we only use about three rooms 
on the main floor.  
Time to let it go to a new family 
that can enjoy all of this wonderful space!  
 When the photographer came over last week 
to take pictures, I asked him to take the photo 
at this angle.  Why?  
Because I still haven't finished my cabinet!  
You won't tell anyone will you?  
Besides the unfinished cabinet,
I did make a few other small 
changes in the Living Room.  
I restyled the built in bookcases 
and the mantel over the fireplace.  
I had been collecting blue and white pieces 
at Estate Sales and was so happy 
to use them in this room.  
My goal was to create a balanced 
and uniform look to the bookcases 
without crowding them too much.  
A few Blue Willow plates 
were mixed in with white ceramic birds 
that my mother made for my Nana 
many, many years ago.  
(there used to be three but some toe headed child broke one) 
I found these books at an Estate Sale also.  
I need to collect more...
I just got lucky when I found two 
of these jars with silver lids 
and the little footed bowls that are on the mantel.  
I love the symmetry of the mantel.  
I picked up the boxwood 
topiary pieces at Stein Mart.  
They add just the right touch.
 Perfect Simplicity!
 More books on the other side to balance it out.  
I stole some of these from Miss Beaux.  
Whenever we go Estate Sale-ing 
I always find her in the book section 
leafing through old books.  
She loves reading as much as her Nana does!
The little squirrels are a nod to fall.  
I had better start thinking 
Christmas pretty soon!  
More blue and white on the cocktail table.  
Fresh pears make a great centerpiece, 
inexpensive and they last a long time.  
Besides, you can eat them 
when you are ready to switch them out! 

Thanks for stopping by 
and thank you again 
for all of your well wishes on the sale of the house.  
Keep your fingers crossed for us!  

Until Next Time,
Beaux R'eves,
Sweet Dreams,

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Selling The House~Staging the Kitchen Hearth Room

I know you all have seen 
my Kitchen and Hearth Room 
a million times!  
When we decided to list the house 
I decided it was time 
to make some big changes.  
I needed the room to look as large 
and spacious as possible for potential buyers!  
Can you see the changes?  
I took away the long farmhouse table 
and the black dish cupboard 
and replaced them with this 
glass table and bench.  
It was actually a lot of 
trial and error one weeknight.  
The light fixture was hung 
in an awkward location 
and was never centered 
when the farmhouse table sat here.  
Mr. Beaux was convinced 
that if we put the round glass table here 
and centered it, 
that there would be too much space 
left in the corner of the room.  
We tried a lot of different combinations 
before he finally agreed 
to help me move in the round glass table. 
But look, it seems as if it as always been here!  
And it makes the room look so much larger.  
I do so love this kitchen!  
I am going to miss it for sure!  
I tried to keep everything pretty simple for staging.  
I had fabric for pillows all ready to sew 
but I ran out of time before pictures.  
So I ran over to Stein Mart 
the night before and found 
some that would do for the moment.  
Be still my heart!  
Miss Kim from Savvy Southern Style 
Instagramed that Pottery Barn 
was having a sale on pillow covers.  
I RAN over there 
and found these wonderfully perfect pillows!  
Thanks Kim! 
Look at these gorgeous pillows!  
 And they were less expensive 
than the "These will do" pillows!  
I'm still working on 
the pillow arrangement for the bench.  
I will have to switch out these fall pillows 
for something more wintery.
And even though I am taking all of 
the Stein Mart pillows back 
I am keeping the cute red and white 
grain sack place mats 
that I found during my late night shopping spree!
Won't they look too cute for Christmas?
My sconces that I ordered finally came in.... 
And they were the WRONG ones!  
Of course, it was the day before pictures 
so I reluctantly agreed to take them 
and hang them anyway! 
It isn't that I hate them, 
it's just not what I ordered.  
At the lighting shop where I bought them 
they order the lights and then 
customize them themselves.  
They customize this particular light two ways, 
with the glass as you see here 
and with a candle slip 
which is the way that I ordered it.
Something like this...  
I had adorable black shades all ready 
to place on the top too!  
But, sometimes you just have to roll with it, right!!!  
I'll show you more of the listing pictures 
because they just do such a great job.  
And, my house may never be this clean again!

Now back to cleaning out closets!

Until Next Time,
Beaux, R'eves,
Sweet Dreams!
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