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Saturday, August 30, 2014

New Kitchen Rugs and Long Weekend Ramblings

Hello Everyone!  
I am so thankful for this long weekend!  
I have lots of things to check off my to do list 
and hopefully I can sneak in a little bit of R&R too.  
I want to thank everyone that commented 
on my Empty Nest post.  
I love hearing your stories 
and I tried to respond to those who have emails 
associated with their comments.  
So far, so good and she is coming home 
over the holiday weekend.  
Of course my boys have now decided 
that they need more "Mom" time 
so they have been stopping by to work out in the gym, 
eat dinner and build a dog house with Mr. Beaux.  

I wanted to share my new kitchen rugs with you all.  
Lately, I have been disappointed 
my purchases for the house.  
I think I figured out that I was very distracted 
with Miss Beaux going off to college 
and I wasn't really focused on the house.  
Understandably so!  
So, when I get that way (distracted) 
I always remember to treat myself like a client.  
I need to go thru the whole process 
and not just guess.  
I would never just "hope" that something 
would coordinate with one of my clients!  
I always have my samples and measurements 
and colors with me when I shop.  
I plan it all beforehand so as to avoid mistakes.  
OK, so this is the "BEFORE" rug 
that I bought at Home Goods 
while Miss Beaux and I 
were out shopping for her Dorm.  
 And here is a coordinating rug in the same line.  
I wanted two rugs, 
one for the sink area 
and one for the French Doors out to the deck.  
I like the rugs and I love the quatrifoil pattern 
but the colors were just too bright for me.  
It just wasn't working!  
It was back to the drawing board...  
I was cruising around on Joss and Main 
and I saw this outdoor rug on sale.  
The price was great $22.95 for a 5X3 rug.  
So I ordered two.  
I loved the pattern and knew that the colors 
were more to my taste... 
More subdued and muted.  
And they matched my new Kitchen towels!  
 And my new placemats! 
 As luck would have it, 
I was contacted recently by 
to review their rug pads.  
Perfect timing I would say!  
I am very particular about my rug pads 
on the hardwood floors.  
I have had experiences when working 
with model homes where the rug pads 
had disintegrated when we went 
to move the furniture out, 
leaving terrible marks behind.  
The floors had to be re-sanded and redone.  
That's a lot of money wasted because 
the wrong rug pad was used.  
This rug pad is the Superior-Lock pad 
made specifically for hardwood floors.  
It is felt on one side with a rubber backing.  
This rubber backing won't hurt your floors 
and it's quite cushiony which is important
when you have to stand and do dishes!
This is a flatweave rug so I ordered the rug pad 
with the slimmer profile.  
The best thing about my new rugs 
is that they are Indoor-Outdoor rugs!
Yep, I can just take them outside and hose them off!  
The ends will flatten out more as time goes on...  
And I am putting the other rugs 
in the upstairs Jack and Jill bath.
Have a great weekend!

Until Next Time,
Beaux R'eves,

Disclaimer: I write this blog for my own personal enjoyment and hopefully the enjoyment of others.  Occasionally, I am offered a product to review.  When that happens, the review is 100% my own opinion.  Unfortunately, most of the time my own opinion is based on things that I have purchased on my own and not supplied by others to review. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

It's Official! I am an Empty Nester

 I am now an "Empty Nester"

My middle son moved out 
with his older brother into a house 
not too far away 
and my daughter went off to college 
all in the span of two weeks.  
It all happened so fast!  
It was like ripping off a band-aid for sure!  
When you have children you know 
that someday, the day will come 
when they will branch out and fly the nest.  
Whether they are going off to college, 
moving out on their own for the first time 
or entering the military, 
there will be a day when you sit inside of your house 
and realize that you are all alone.  
This "aloneness" is called Empty Nest Syndrome. 
 According to Psychology Today: 
 Empty Nest Syndrome refers to feelings of depression, 
 sadness, and/or grief experienced by parents and 
caregivers after children come of age and leave their 
childhood homes. 

Hmmmmmm, I can't say that I am experiencing 
any of those feelings...yet! 
I do however realize the quietness in the house.  
Erma Bombeck once wrote an article 
that my mother clipped from the newspaper titled 
"Someday it will be quiet, too quiet".  
I wish I had that article to share with you all, 
but in typical Erma fashion, 
it made you laugh and made you cry.  
I am enjoying all of this quietness right now!  
I am enjoying spending time with Mr. Beaux, 
just the two of us...  
I am so proud of all of my children 
and feel like as parents, 
we have prepared them well for this journey. 
I have a lot of projects planned for the future, 
trips to take and friends to catch up with... 
I am not planning to create any animal outfits quite yet...
But, if I am feeling lonely, 
I do have all of these guys to keep me company.  

All of you Empty Nesters out there... 
How was it for you?  
If you wouldn't mind sharing, 
I would love to hear from you!

Until Next Time,
Beaux R'eves,

Thursday, August 7, 2014

My Wedding Anniversary!

Today is our 32nd wedding anniversary!  
My gosh we were so young!  
In 1982 at the age of 20, 
I had no idea what our future would hold, 
all I knew was that I was making 
a lifelong commitment to my best friend 
and the man I loved.  
Life has had it's ups and downs 
for sure, 
but one thing remains the same...
I am in love with my best friend! 
We've changed a little bit over 32 years.  
Not only on the outside but on the inside too.  
We've grown up together 
and after spending that much time 
with each other history means a LOT!  
I love our family, 
I love our extended family 
and I love our life.  
None of that would have been possible 
without this guy!  
He is funny, sweet, generous, 
loveable and the single hardest working man 
I have ever known!  

I am truly blessed.  

Until Next Time,
Beaux R'eves,

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Doesn't Take Much To Make Me Happy...

I hope you all are having a fantastic weekend!  
We have been busy, busy, busy!  
I slept in today and woke up 
in such a great mood.  
I have been fighting with my sinuses lately 
and it always seems to get me down.  
Literally and mentally!  
But today as I was puttering about the house, 
I looked around at all of the things 
that made me smile 
and wanted to share them with you.
These are from our Costco trip yesterday.  
The hydrangeas in my garden are doing well also.  
I mostly have green and white this year but that's OK.

These new kitchen towels make me really happy!  
I was out looking for new kitchen rugs 
and came across these cute grain sack towels.  
Every time I walk by I just smile!  
See, I told you it doesn't take much...
The Sunshine after the rain today.  
It rained all morning which was just fine with me.  
But now the sun is out and the yard looks so pretty.
Pandora on my television!  
We upgraded our Directv recently 
and got the whole Genie system.  
So much FUN!  
I love having Pandora on the TV!  
I currently have it programmed to Disco 
just to bug the heck out of everyone!  
YES, I do that!  
And that's probably where the title came from...
sidenote... I am addicted to Song Pop!  
Please help me before
I have to enter the 12 step program...
(I really rock at it tho)

I made this Key Lime Pie yesterday for dessert.  
Fun fact:  
Did you know that Stressed 
spelled backwards is Desserts? ;)
Can I just tell you that being a food blogger 
would be a million times harder.  
I could barely get a photo before 
someone scooped up the plate 
and started eating it!  
Which brings me to the last thing 
that makes me happy!  
The whole family was here 
for dinner last night!  
Now that REALLY makes me HAPPY!
What makes YOU happy?

Have a wonderful Sunday!
Until Next Time,
Beaux R'eves,

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