Beaux R'eves

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Beachy Orchid for Summer

Thank you again 
for all of your heartfelt comments 
on my Living Room post yesterday.  
I know that I don't often express my feelings 
on this little design blog 
but I am glad you were listening!  
Did you see my Orchid arrangement 
on my table yesterday?  
Now here is a flower that lasts 
a little longer than my Lilacs!  
I wanted to show you how easy 
it is to create an arrangement 
like this for your table.  
What I love about it is that it will be around 
for such a long time.  
Low Maintenance too!
I made this same arrangement last year 
for the dining room.  
It was great when the house 
was up for sale because I never 
had to worry about buying flowers.  
I bought this large clam shell at Home Goods 
a few years ago for about $20.00.  
I love the aqua blue on the inside.  
The Orchid came from Trader Joe's.  
They have the best prices on flowers!  
Last year I think I paid $9.00 
and this one was $12.00.  
I put some small river rocks 
in the bottom of the shell 
and put in the orchid and covered it 
with Spanish Moss.  
I added some Beachy Accents to the table.  
Hey, it's never too early 
for a little bit of Summer is it?
A small glass container 
with some baby starfish, 
a rope ball, 
and a pretty white starfish 
all in a silver tray.  
My dogs like to chew on these!  
I hope they don't discover them!  
I just bought a new Betty Lou Phillips book- Inspinrations from France and Italy the other day at Barnes and Noble. 
 I was looking for the French Country Style 
magazine where Kim at Savvy Southern Style 
made the cover.  
I found the magazine AND this book!  
It's great rainy day reading!
Thanks for visiting.  
Are you decorating for Summer yet?  
Or am I crazy?

Until Next Time,
Beaux R'eves 

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