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Monday, January 19, 2015

Dreaming of Our Right Sized House

 So, you all know that our home is currently for sale.  
It is a little slow right now 
and the feedback from the showings 
that we have had has all been positive.  
I know that come Spring time 
we will be packing up the house and getting ready 
to move (thinking positive here).  
But where will we go?  
To be honest, I haven't given it a lot of thought.  
I am one of those realist people 
that don't dare to dream 
lest I jinx the whole thing!  
But in the past few weeks 
after the Christmas chaos was over, 
I have to admit that my mind has wandered 
past my realist ways 
into a few daydreams 
of what our next house might be like. 
Mr. Beaux and I would really like to move 
out South on a bit of land.  
We would like to have at least 3 acres 
to roam around on with the dogs.  


And the house has to fit our current needs...  
We need a master bedroom on the first floor 
for when we get older...  
I would love a big porch in the front, 
but it has to be the "right size" too.  
That's what my girlfriend and I have termed it... 
Not "Downsizing", 
but "Right Sizing".  
It makes sense...

 And since we will be out in the country...
And we DO live in the Midwest...
I am dreaming of a Country Farmhouse..
 I wanted to share this house with you 
that I found out in the country on three and a half acres.  
It is the perfect size for us 
with a great layout 
and the inside is just what I was looking for 
in our new house!
I know these pictures aren't the greatest, 
but you get the idea.  
You can go to to see better pictures.
 This is the kitchen that opens up to the great room.  
I am in love with the subway tile 
and the light gray granite or marble.
 Look at those beautiful windows 
that open up to the back yard.  Sigh!!!

 The layout is similar to what we have now...  
just without a formal living room 
that no one ever uses...

 I love the warm wood floors 
and the detail of the coffered ceilings.  
The front door and the formal dining room 
are seen in this picture.
More beautiful windows to let the sunshine in!  
The dining room has pretty wainscoting.
 Have you ever seen a house and completely fell in love?  Like it was built just for you?
More wainscoting in the office 
on the other side of the dining room 
with a door out to the porch.  
  The Master bath has a free standing tub!
And look at the closet!  
Maybe I am dreaming?  
Can you picture the back yard all landscaped? 
And the BEST part... 
this house is HALF of what our current house cost!!!  
Well, as luck would have it the house has sold...  
But, I will continue to dream...  
I saved the name of the builder 
and there is plenty of land out there...  

Until Next Time,
Beaux R'eves,

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Christine @ Rustic-Refined said...

You are so right, that is the perfect house! They even got the colors on the walls just perfect....Love that house.

carol jane said...

It's a beautiful home. Gorgeous details. Definitely not a standard builder grade home. Good luck finding your dream home. It will happen.

Jeanette said...

I'm sure everything will fall into place and you will find just the right thing when it's supposed to happen. Your dream home is perfectly gorgeous. There is nothing wrong with dreaming!

Anonymous said...

What is gorgeous today, will be a burden by the time you need the master's on the first floor.

Getting older, there's a good chance you will not want to cook so much, unless your family comes in and does it on holidays, you won't want to clean so much, so you need $$ to pay a housecleaner/keeper,

you will need to keep walking to stay healthy, so maybe a hike from the kitchen to the bathroom won't bother you, but there's a chance you'll want more bathrooms to make the trip easier,

and three acres will take upkeep, so unless you have someone lined up to mow, prune, and maybe mow and rake and bale, life might get difficult. You will not be wanting to deal with septic problems in 20 years or so.

You are looking at way more house than I would want in my best days, but you do have good taste, got to grant you.

Oh, the more roof gables and levels etc you have, the more likely you will eventually get leaks. So some of these modern architectural digest type places need to be inspected carefully and a plan made for how to do damage control when you are older. At this point in my life, I'm thinking well of housing facilities that provide all the services in smaller living spaces and with all upkeep and repairs provided.

Oh, one other thing, how long will you want to drive everywhere? Is that one house showing just a one car garage? Where will you put the pickup truck and riding mower etc.?

Sorry to be a downer, but I'm living the next stage of your life, and it is hard to move these days..

Meantime, i' know you are enjoying the house hunt and will find the place of your dreams. Thanks for sharing these fab houses. Not cottages, but airy and cool looking in the midwest heat, Now that' I would give up a lot for in an extra hot summer in the mountains.

This N That said...

Love the last one and most of the others..Not a fan of the first one..Doesn't look like you..I would be driving myself crazy looking!!! It will all come together for you..

Kim said...

Absolutely stunning...but I am sure that your perfect house is out there just waiting for you! Good luck! :)

Unknown said...

That house gets the WOW factor!! Love the house paint colors too!!

Kirby Carespodi said...

I'm stopping by from Savvy...The house you've chosen is awesome! We "right-sized" about 9 years ago, to a house that we had driven past for 20 years. Every time we drove past, I said "I wonder what that house looks like on the inside," and now we know and have spent the last 9 years (and probably 10 more) turning it into the perfect house for us. Good luck!

An Oasis in the Desert said...

That is a beautiful house! I really like your term "right-size," because "down-size" strikes fear in my heart that I would have to give up all the treasures that have accumulated over the years. Yep, I'm using your term from now on!

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