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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Top Posts of 2014

As the weekend draws to a close 
and the real, real world begins again tomorrow, 
I thought I would take a look back 
at my most popular AND my favorite posts of 2014.  

Many of my most viewed posts 
were centered around my Home Staging Tips.  
That makes me very proud 
because not only do I work really hard for my clients, 
I worked really hard on those particular posts.  
I feel very strongly about staging your home 
before you put it up for sale 
and I am happy that you feel the same way too!
Week One : Decluttering

And the final installment in the series: 

But with all of that being said...
The second most viewed post from 2014 was...
When I staged my OWN house for sale this year...

And THE top viewed post of 2014 had nothing to
do with home staging it was...
My painted Costco Chest 
in Duck Egg Blue and Gold.

My Master Bedroom Makeover 
was a Huge endeavor this year 

so I am glad that it got some exposure!  
Stay tuned tomorrow for some updates 
and "winter necessities" that I have added.

Thank you for following along this past year and sticking with me in 2014.  The biggest challenge I faced was trying to juggle working for Mr. Beaux and finding the time to be a good blogger.  I appreciate your support and all of your wonderful comments.  I hope I can bring to you some great ideas, some laughs and inspiration in 2015! 

Until Next Time,
Beaux R'eves,

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