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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Master Bath ~ A Few Finishing Touches

Hello Readers!  
I have been diligently working on getting our house 
ready for sale.  
It is a tedious process!  
Cleaning out closets and touching up the baseboards is hardly blog-worthy but I thought you might like to see the changes I've made in the Master Bathroom.  
I have never given you a full tour of this room 
so I thought you might enjoy seeing the space.  
Here is what it looked like before I gave it a new coat of paint.
There was nothing wrong with the bathroom itself,
but the Khaki color needed to be changed 
and lightened up a bit.  
And here it is after a coat of fresh paint.

Sherwin-Williams - Patience SW7555 by Sherwin-Williams
SW7555 Patience
 SW7555 PatienceThis is a better representation of the true color.  
I already had a five gallon bucket of this paint 
from the upstairs bedrooms.  
The biggest change is how flattering is is to your skin.  
The pink undertones give you a beautiful rosy glow which always helps on those cold winter mornings!
Since I have never given you the full tour 
I will show you around.  
There are two sets of double doors from the bedroom 
that are on either side of the see through fireplace.  
The fireplace is surrounded with tumbled marble and above the fireplace is a niche that can house a TV.  
We have had a TV there in the past and 
when Miss Beaux was much younger 
she would beg to take a bath in our bathtub 
so she could watch cartoons!  
Oh, the life!  
This little cutout holds a mini fridge and a microwave.  
The fridge is very handy for storing small bottles of water 
and the microwave heats up my morning coffee.  
The his and hers vanity space is a very long bank of cabinets with transom windows above that let in natural light.
The mirror is trimmed out in the same wood tone as the cabinets, as are the recessed cabinets on each side of the vanities.  
We debated whether or not to have a vanity space here.  
I had never had one and wasn't sure if I would use it.  
I am really glad that I added it because 
I sit here every day and put my face on!  
One of the features that I included in the design is the absence of electrical outlets on the backsplash.  
It gives a cleaner look to the tumbled marble countertops.  There are plugs inside the two cabinets 
and under the vanity space.  
Mr. Beaux drilled a hole in the back of the drawers so I can leave my flat iron plugged in inside the drawer.  
The stone sinks have this lovely detail on the overflow.  
So instead of putting on the side where you wouldn't see it we reversed it to show it off.  
The vanity chair is a parsons chair with a new aqua blue and cream slipcover from Pier One.  
I love adding a bit of modern geometric to a traditional space. 
The Master Shower is the centerpiece of the room.  
The tiled columns support the arch that continues around the shower.  To add interest but save money we added a rope trim along the back wall and angled the wall tiles.  
This allowed us to splurge on the Moen shower system.  
Inside of the back columns are small niches 
to hold shampoo and soap.  
It keeps the shower looking neat and tidy.
I created this raised relief from a stencil and plaster.  
It was easier than I thought and I think it adds just the right amount of detail and character.  
I will show you a tutorial later on.
I hope you enjoyed this tour of my Master Bath!  
I am still working on getting every room "Show" ready and would really appreciate your input!

Until Next Time,
Beaux R'eves,
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SW7555 Patience

SW7555 Patience

Monday, February 25, 2013

Staging Our Home~First Impressions

Good Monday Morning!  
What a busy weekend we had working on our house 
and getting it ready to put on the market.  
We met with our realtors on Sunday 
and although we are not ready 
to put the sign out in the front yard 
it is never too soon to get a feel for the market 
and look at the comparatives in your area.  
I feel like I have at least ONE room completely finished.  
The dining room.  
It was by far the easiest room in the house 
but also one of the MOST important,
as it is the first room you see when you enter the house.  
Here is the view from our front door as you enter the house.  Dining room on the right, 
Office/Library on the left.  
Typical for a lot of homes in our area.  
Here is what it looked like before staging.  
You can see all of my landscape paintings 
and my faux roe antlers on the wall.  
The table was set for New Year's in this photo.  
It looks a little cluttered,
and this is one of my milder table settings.  
Let's get to work stripping this down for resale.
What do you think?  
Not a BIG change but very tasteful and serene I think.  
I took all of the paintings down 
and added an ivy topiary and these new sconces. 
I think they go perfectly in here!  
They were a very inexpensive purchase from WUSLU 
and yet they look so rich next to the ornate mirror.
 I set the table with these two very large hurricanes, 
a white runner and a silver bowl of green apples.  
Total cost for this room was about $40.00.  
And the best part is that it's DONE!  
Just for fun, 
here is a dining room that I staged for a client.  
It was an older home in a now "young" neighborhood.  
The tin ceiling was a really cool feature that was being minimized by the glaring "in your face" red walls and dramatic drapes.  
And here it is "After".  
Can you believe is is the same room?  
They painted my suggested color
and we turned the table at an angle.  
I switched out the pictures for one I found around the house, put some fresh flowers on the table 
and a few place settings to add to the mood.  
This house sold in less that 60 days after staging!  
And that is why "First Impressions" are so important!

Until Next Time,
Beaux R'eves,

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Heeding My Own Advice~Staging My Home For Sale

As an Interior Designer and Certified Home Stager I give out a lot of advice.  
In fact, I write up pages of advice for people getting ready to place their home on the market.  
It's good advice!  
Houses that I have staged or just written up staging reports for have sold in about 60 days or less.  
I must be doing something right... right?  
Well folks, the time has come for me to heed my own advice.  
We are in the process of putting our home up for sale this Spring.  
With my daughter the last one at home and a junior in High School we really need to downsize.  
So, why is it so much harder for me to take my own words and put them into action?  
I wish I had the answer, but, for now I am just putting one foot in front of the other 
and getting each task on my long list done one project and one room at a time.  
Let's start in my son's room.  
For goodness sakes, he will be graduating from college this Spring!  
Why does his room still look like the day he left it?  
Yes, I am THAT Mom! 
He pillaged the room and uses it now to store his drum set and whatever else.  
The room is in need of paint to lighten it up 
and some kind of color scheme to tie things all together.  
 And what am I supposed to do with this?  
That certainly won't help to sell the house! 
 I came across this photo of the 2013 HGTV Showhouse guest room 
while I was looking for Inspiration.  
I needed a LOT of Inspiration to get started!  
And a few Starbucks too!  
I liked the blue tones and the lightness of it all.  
It is neutral enough without being boring.  
So that was my jumping off point.  
My goal (as always) was not to spend very much money.  
I mean why would I want to spend money on what would soon be my "old" house?  
Here is the old headboard painted with ASCP in old white and Cocoa.  
I removed the stickers with a putty knife (cursing my son the whole time) 
and painted two coatsof the chalk paint.  
I found these adorable Equestrian pillows at Target in the clearance section for $13.50 each.  
The plaid pillow is a pillow case with an old belt around it.  
And the rest of the bedding I already owned.  
I like to use white bedding in the homes that I stage.  
It keeps everything light and clean looking.  
The room has been painted in Sherwin William's Patience 7555 
and boy did it lighten up the room!  
There's more to do and I will be sharing it all with you 
as each project unfolds.  
That is when I am not hitting my head and reminding myself to 

Until Next Time,
Beaux R'eves,

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