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Monday, January 26, 2015

Teen Bedroom Update

This is what Miss Beaux's bedroom 
looked like when we listed the house 
the for a short time in 2013.  
Hard to believe it was that long ago...  
The walls were in bad shape this time around 
when we got ready to list the house, so we had to paint. 
We painted the room 
Sherwin Williams 7071 Gray Screen.  
I looked at a lot of gray colors 
before we chose Gray Screen.  
It has just enough of a bluish tint 
to it so that it doesn't get 
muddied up and looks fresh. 
We were happy with the color 
but were so busy and Miss Beaux was away 
at college so we left everything the way that it was...  
While she was home during break 
after all of the Christmas stuff was put away 
we started doing a little shopping 
to update her room a bit.  
I mean she IS in college now!  
Her bedding was the first thing we wanted to change. 
While we were shopping and browsing 
around I would ask her, 
"Do you like this?" 
"Do you like this?" 
"Do you like this?" 
I finally told her to pick something out 
to show me what she DID like! 
And this is what she picked.  
Now, here is what I had to say to her... 
Deep Breath...  
"I respect your choice but I just don't think 
it is right for the space and here is why...  
We are trying to sell a product 
and that product is a teen room"  
She was looking for an "Apartment Look" 
for her bedroom and I fully appreciate 
that concept, but it is not going to be understood 
by potential buyers with children. 
I told her that I wasn't looking 
to make her room into a little girl's room...
And she argued that she wasn't trying 
to turn it into this either!
 So, we kept looking 
and I liked this comforter 
and thought it would add a nice pop of color 
to the gray with the coral...
 But I couldn't convince her!  
We were about to give up 
after three or four stores 
when we found a Duvet Set 
in the clearance aisle of 
the Marshall's by our house.  
 It has the same watercolor look 
that she wanted but with lighter colors 
of gray and a very light blue/gray.  

 We found two of these furry pillows 
that seem to be the rage at Target on clearance.  
 And we added the grape colored pillow 
for our bright pop of color!  
It's a beautiful thing isn't it?  
We are still working to add pictures etc...  
Gives her a reason to come home every once in a while...

Until Next Time,
Beaux R'eves,

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Jane@Bluebird1959 said...

The grape pillow really makes a wow statement! I have the same room conversations with my 23 year old!

Unknown said...

i do not want to sound mean but i like the one that she picked a lot better than the one you got.

This N That said...

I liked her first choice...just saying :)

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