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Monday, June 23, 2014

Beachy Summer Mantel

Good Monday Morning!  
This post couldn't be more timely!  
As I am writing this 
I am staring out my hotel window 
at the beautiful Gulf Coast.  
I am tagging along with Mr. Beaux 
as he attends a conference in Naples, FL 
at the spectacular Ritz Carlton.  
Hey, sometimes you have to 
take advantage of the perks!  
There were many many (too many to count) 
times when I was stuck remained at home 
to take care of the little kiddos.  
It's nice to finally be able to take off on a whim and 
accompany him on his journeys.  

 The Resort is situated on three miles of pristine beaches.
 Ritz Carlton, Naples FL

On Saturday before we took off for Florida, 
I spent the day helping my BFF 
with her kitchen/hearth room mantel.  
She is having company this week 
and was sprucing up a bit.  
Of course we had to hit some 
Estate Sales first but that's another post...

 Here is the Hearth Room eating area 
as it looked when she bought the home 
a few years ago.  
She is waiting to paint 
and do some remodeling 
in this room later this year.  
 And here is a photo (not a very good one) 
of how the room looked when we started.  
We had stripped the mantel 
of everything except the vintage window pane.  
We wanted a summery look in neutral tones.  
So, I set about shopping the house.  
It's my BFF, so nothing is off limits!  
I scoured the basement storage area, 
the extra bedrooms, 
searched in drawers and cupboards...
 As soon as I found this "Fresh Salmon" 
sign I knew that we were headed 
for a Beachy Destination for the Mantel.  
 My BFF is my hero 
when it comes to scoring 
great finds at Estate Sales!  
She has some of the most interesting things 
that you would NEVER see in any store.  
I always love helping her accessorize.  

We gathered all things ocean, 
beach, and sailing and began decorating.  
She has these great rope balls 
that are actually called Monkey Fists.  
Don't ask me why or what they are for, 
I just think they are neat.  
We set it next to an apothecary jar 
of shells on top of some books.
 We placed some ferns and daisies 
in her Creel basket 
and hung it on the vintage window pane.  
This is about the point 
when I want to tuck some of her things 
in my car when she is not looking!  
We found this apothecary jar 
one Saturday in a house 
packed with treasures. 
Tucked behind the window 
is a piece of worn driftwood 
that you will love when you see the whole thing!  
And, I have to tell you that I had TWO starfish 
when I started this project.  
My clear bin that I brought from home 
had a bunch of shells 
and other nautical things in it.  
Her little Westie kept peeking in 
when we weren't looking.  
He finally found the starfish 
and made a little snack out of it.  
Sigh, I couldn't be upset 
because my two dogs 
had already had a go at it too!  
OK, is that not the cutest whale you have ever seen?  
I brought the sailboat from home 
once we had decided on our theme.  
LOVE the way it turned out!  
We made a few changes 
to the Welsh cupboard as well.  
I wanted to keep it simple and uncluttered. 
I love this piece of furniture!  
Another Estate Sale find...  
We kept her ironstone dishes on display 
and added the sign and another Monkey Fist.  

I set some linens,
along with some pewter plates,
and these adorable chicken napkin rings 
on the bottom shelf of the cupboard.

I know these napkins look familiar.  
Hey, good friends share!  
I placed them in a basket 
with her fun silver starfish on top.  
Mr. Westie had better not 
try to take a bite out of this one! 

We finished up, 
sent the boys out 
to our favorite Greek restaurant for food, 
set the table, 
and enjoyed an impromptu dinner party 
with a little white wine and good friends!   

Until Next Time,
Beaux R'eves,

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Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

I love the basket! Great job and lucky friend! Enjoy your vacation!

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Cindy,
Hope you are having fun in Florida and that you are having good weather. Yes, you have to sieze these opportunities,
and now that all your kids are older, nows the time! I used to go with my hubby to Boca Raton and my daughter would go to in the summer, then when she moved out and our lil dog passed away I decided not to get another one cause I wanted my freedom to travel with him and not have to worry about that.........and wouldn't you know
he hasn't gone on one work related trip since............and has worked for 2 companies since, but never has to travel. lol............but then our kitty took up with us, we thought someone dropped her off and so we felt bad for
her and started to feed her and she has been ours every since, she actually one of our new (at the time) neighbors cats, and they had a number of them, so was more than happy to share her much to our chagrin, we are allergic to cats...
we did try to give her back, but oh when we go away fortunately my SIL takes care of her, but
we have to leave her outside the whole time, and she really is afraid of thunder storms and it seems like no
matter when we seems like we are always having thunderstorms. So then I feel bad leaving her!
Life can be sooo funny sometimes.
Like what yall did to your friends mantle and hutch, looks really cute, and that is a darling whale I have to say.
I am sure her company will enjoy it, as well as she herself. Always nice to have a change...........

Enjoy that Ritz Carlton they are nice hotels..............and the time with your hubby.
Blessings, Nellie


Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Cute cute mantel and enjoy your trip. We stayed there many years ago when I tagged along with my hubby on these conferences.

Unknown said...

I think that is a great idea to put the board inside. I might try it by adding one to the outside and one to the inside and screwing them together. Your room turned out so pretty and this rolling basket just tops it off so well.

The Charm of Home said...

This is beautiful! I got busy this weekend adding summer to my dining room too. Have a nice trip!

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

The mantel looks great Cindy and I LOVE LOVE that beautiful cupboard!!

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Love how you decorated the mantel and love the Welsh cupboard....and that apothecary jar was indeed a great find!! Have fun in that great town of Naples...used to visit there often as my brother used to live there...Safe travels!

Babs said...

Cute mantel and perfect for Summer. Have fun in Naples.Visiting from A Stroll Thu Life.

Sandra Lee said...

Great finds! It's been way to long since I've been to a good sale.

Leslie Anne Tarabella said...

So happy to have found you through Savvy Southern Style! I live on the Gulf Coast (Alabama) and I get myself to the beach as often as possible and never grow tired of the beautiful view! Have a great time with your toes in the sand!

Pamela said...

Love your summery mantel Cindy!

cairncottage said...

Well, since I'm a big fan of beach/nautical decor, this really caught my eye!! Nice job!! I have a fish basket similar to this one that I purchased recently at an antique outlet. I love the look with flowers and greenery.
Ann @ Cairn Cottage

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