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Monday, June 9, 2014

The One That Got Away

You are all aware, 
if you are a regular reader of my blog, 
how much I LOVE to go Estate Sale-ing.  
It's like an addiction.  
A happy addiction that doesn't hurt anyone 
(well most of the time...) 
and barely hurts the pocketbook.  
I always set out on my Estate Sale journey 
with an open mind 
and even though I might preview the sales online,
I am usually not disappointed 
if the items that I am interested in are already sold.  
But,I want to tell you what happened 
a few weeks ago when I was out with my sister 
while she was visiting.  
I want to tell you because it still haunts me!  
Oh, sigh!  

The One That Got Away...

There were two sales that day 
that we were really interested in going to.  
One started at 9'oclock and the other, 
as luck would have it, started at ten.  
We headed out to the first sale 
and we scored some fun vintage things 
(that I will show you all of later) 
at an older home that was packed to the gills 
with lots and lots of stuff!
We checked out and carried our purchases to the car.  
The second sale was closer to home 
in a much nicer neighborhood.  
The owners were builders and house flippers.  
They were "downsizing" and retiring.  
The home was beautiful with three levels, 
but the basement was unfinished.  
I looked around on the main level 
and headed to the basement.  
It was crowded and a little dark as basements often are.  
 As my eyes adjusted, I spotted a slew of lighting fixtures 
hanging from the ceiling in the corner.  
I wandered over to get a closer look.  
Nothing really caught my eye 
but as I turned around, 
I almost ran into this beauty.
A French Chandelier!  
My hands were actually shaking 
as I looked all over the chandy for a price tag.  
I looked and I looked but I didn't see one.  
I know that usually means 
that the someone else grabbed the tag,
but a lot of items weren't marked so I was HOPING 
that was the case.  
As I looked for someone to ask 
I saw a woman walk over 
(yes, I was hawking it at the same time 
and keeping my eye on it)
and look at a price tag.  
How had I missed it?  
I nearly hit my palm to my head in exasperation! 
Maybe I still had a chance?
Traditional Dining Room by Tulsa Architects & Designers Jack Arnold Companies

 I started dreaming of how it would look 
in my dining room.  
Traditional Dining Room by Fort Worth Home Builders Braswell Homes Inc

I walked back over to the chandelier 
and she was still holding the tag.  
"Pretty, isn't it?"  I commented.  
"I didn't see the tag before." I said to her.  
"That's because I was going to buy it, 
but now I'm not" she answered.  
My heart raced faster...  
As she was fastening the tag back 
onto the fixture of my dreams...
Mediterranean Dining Room by Scottsdale Architects & Designers Higgins Architects

Could it be possible?  
I felt so lucky in that moment... 
But as you read the title is 
"The One That Got Away" 
so there must be more to the story, right?
Eclectic Dining Room by New Canaan Interior Designers & Decorators shelley morris interiors

Without ever letting go of the tag, 
she removed it again and said 
"I am going to buy it after all, 
I just figured out the perfect spot for it."  
My heart sank.  
I looked at her and asked her how much it was,
even though I knew I shouldn't have.  
I knew it would crush me even more.  
I wanted to just die in that moment!  
How did this happen?  
Why were the Estate Sale Gods punishing me?  
I was always polite to people in line, 
I was respectful and never walked on the grass, 
I endured people who pushed 
and shoved and had BO.  
Why???  Why???  
I kicked the ground and walked away 
and looked for my sister.  
I relayed the story to her 
and showed her the French Chandelier.  
She commented that it was missing 
a candle stick, 
to be nice and make me feel better, I know.  
Sigh, "But it was only $100.00" I told her.   
"Oh"  she replied, feeling my pain.  
We left without buying anything 
and cheered ourselves up with a Starbucks.  

I hope you enjoyed my story of 
"The One That Got Away".  
I know that you realize 
that I am exaggerating and grateful 
for all of the wonderful things 
I am blessed with in my life.   
This was just a little 
tongue in cheek story of my experience.  

Until Next Time,
Beaux R'eves,

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Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Oh, that's too bad. I only paid $399 for mine though. They aren't too expensive.

NanaDiana said...

Isn't it funny how those things can just haunt you, Cindy? It has happened to me a couple of times and every once in a while over the years I will think of things that I should have bought and left behind. Well, at least you got a Starbucks to brighten your day. That is MY personal "fix" for all wrongs, too- A triple latte with sugar free vanilla does it for me! xo Diana ps...probably the light didn't work anyway.....HA

Pat@Life At Lydias House said...

I can feel your pain! No tongue in cheek here! I am very selective in what I buy now and I hate it when I am too selective and regret letting a good find get away! I agree with NanaDiana, it probably didn't work anyway if a candle was missing!

Maureen Wyatt said...

I feel your pain! Years of dealing in antiques makes it easy to shrug off the ones you don't get. Except for the antique French harvest table that I missed and it sold for $100. That was years ago and I can can still picture it in my dining room!

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

BUMMER!! I ordered mine online from Lighting Universe they're very reasonable.

This N That said...

Love the story..not crazy about the ending..So sorry for your loss :)

Jeanette said...

Ouch !! That hurt! I would have preferred a happier ending however thats' the way these things go. On several occasion I have had buyers remorse for something I should have bought but didn't. Hopefully you'll find another.

My Dream Canvas said...

I just wrote a post on being an antique store junkie :) Hope you will stop by and check it ou! Not to worry I am sure there are even better things in store for you!! Maybe you will find another one soon.

Unknown said...

Oh I know the feeling - it settles right into the pit of your stomach, doesn't it?
There WILL be more - you know she only decided to take it because you wanted it, right?
Nasty lady LOL

Christine @ Rustic-Refined said...

Awww I'm sorry! I know it stinks when the timing is off...but I hereby bequeath you good Ju Ju on the next one!

Kim said...

It's happened to the best of us Cindy. Your home is gorgeous even without the chandy. Another one will come your way, I'm sure of it.

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Oh so sorry that she changed her mind...maybe it was because you were interested in it...that has happened to me .. when I showed interest, the other party would decide to make it theirs!...I am sure there is the perfect one in your future!

Unknown said...

Bummer I have been having that same luck with dressers sigh...

Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

You should have said "What? $100 bucks for a chandelier that is missing a candlestick? I can see why you changed your mind about it."

Then grab it when she walks away!

Reverse psychology DOES work.

I am so sorry, that just stinks for you. But now you will find one for $50 you like even better. /comforts hugs

An Oasis in the Desert said...

Oh, dear, so sorry about that beauty getting away. Sometimes there is a reason, so maybe you will find another one that you like even better!

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