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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Orchid Prints and a New Design Direction

Good Morning!  

I'm still here in beautiful Naples, FL.  
I wish we had a few more days 
here but we are heading 
home this afternoon.  
I sure can't complain 
about only having a few days here 
when I am the conference tag-a-long!  
I am just happy for the restful time 
that I had while I was here.  

Let's talk about what is going on back at my house.

Remember last week 
when I showed you my new orchid prints?  
I was so happy to have them framed 
and I couldn't wait to show you!  
I found these two prints one day 
when I was clicking around on One King's Lane.  
I was actually looking for something for 
the Master Bedroom when I found these.  
They were a good price at $99.00 for both of them.  
Unfortunately they were sold out!  
I was so disappointed!  
For some reason I felt compelled to have them.  
I searched around and found them 
on the William Stafford website 
who is the manufacturer.  
 Can you believe that they wanted $575 
for ONE framed print!  
Oh My!  
So as luck would have it, 
I saw them come up again on OKL.  
And, I missed out AGAIN!  
Sold Out!  Darn it all!  
Now I was obsessed!  
It was around Miss Beaux's graduation time 
and I was crazy busy, 
but I checked quickly everyday 
to see if they were available.  
Wouldn't you know 
that the day that all of my company left 
I sat down on the sofa with my IPAD 
and there they were!  
I snatched them up and I am so glad that I did!  
They are seriously more fantastic in person!  
I took them to Michaels to be framed. 
Of course I had a 60% off coupon...
I wanted a simple classic frame 
and mat that I could move 
anywhere in the house.  
I settled on these two linen mats 
with the flat gold metal frame.  
I know it's hard to see how pretty it really is all together.  
So now where to hang them?  
I am not trying to keep you in suspense 
but I have to first tell you about my new 
Estate Sale collection obsession.  
If you guessed Blue and White 
you are 100% correct!  
I have been secretly buying 
all things blue and white to 
decorate the kitchen and hearth room.

I have always resisted buying 
blue and white pieces because although I love them, 
my BFF collects it.  
I know that sounds silly.  
It does doesn't it?  
But I caved when I went to an 
Estate Sale where there were 
a ton of fabulous pieces!  
The great thing is 
that it is pretty plentiful 
around my area of the Midwest.  
And I can honestly tell you 
that I have not paid more than $15.00 
for any one piece yet.  
And, I love how they mix with 
all of my white ironstone pieces.  
So, where did the prints end up?
In the hearth room 
over the two build in media chests 
on either side of the fireplace.   

I placed the blue and white goodies 
with the Pottery Barn urn 
full of my hydrangeas from the garden.  
I am so happy to have my hydrangeas in the house!  
I hung one English blue and white 
plate above the print.  
I might hang more but for now it works.
I love the way they 
lighten up the whole room.  
I think the wall color 
could be lightened up a bit too 
but that is a Fall project!  
OK, what do you think?  

Click HERE to see what it looked like before.  

And, stay tuned for more changes that I have in store.  

Until Next Time,
Beaux R'eves,

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Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Cindy, those are beautiful and I sure am glad you finally got them.

This N That said...

Be orchids look great. Good job with the frames. I think Michael's framing is very expensive even width 60%off. Glad you finally found them and have them hanging in your home. Have a good evening Cindy.

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

Pretty. Blue and white is perfect!

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

LOVE LOVE the new look Cindy!! I was looking at those prints for our master bedroom :-)

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh! Perfect! I own an antiques shop, and my posting for today centered around the blue and white objects/china available in my shop. What an inspiration!

Unknown said...

How luvly Cindy. I am so happy you finally got them! Paired like that with the blue and white plate... beautiful!

Got My Reservations said...

You can't go wrong with blue and white -- it's perfect for everyone. Your prints are complemented perfectly by your blue and white porcelain collection. Beautiful!

The Charm of Home said...

Just beautiful! Enjoy Naples, it is lovely!

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