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Friday, December 5, 2014

Tabletop Christmas Trees

This year I decided to forgo 
the massive Christmas tree in the Living Room 
and instead put up a small tabletop tree.  
You all know how much I love Christmas 
but it would have been too large 
and distracting while the house is for sale 
and honestly just too much work, 
not to mention little curious puppies 
will stay a lot safer!  
I do love tabletop trees though 
and I have gathered some fun and inspiring 
pictures to share with all of you.
source:Country Living
 Tabletop trees have a jewel-box quality to me.  
You can cram so many more ornaments 
on a smaller tree to make a bigger impact.
Tabletop trees are perfect 
for a bay window or a tight space. 

This adorable tree is from Martha Stewart Living.  
Martha says that tabletop trees originated in England. 
"In the 1840s, the Illustrated London News pictured Britain's Queen Victoria and her consort, Prince Albert, gathered with their children around a small tabletop Christmas tree. Decorating the tree was Prince Albert's way of sharing his native German traditions with his family and -- as it turned out -- with families throughout the Western world. The public quickly copied everything Queen Victoria did, so the Christmas tree rapidly became a holiday standard."
So I guess I am celebrating my German and English Heritage!
Source:Southern Living
 It's also fun to display the trees in different containers. 
source:Traditional Home
Urns, footed silver bowls or...
In an Olive Bucket the Savvy Southern Style way. 
Tabletop trees can be in any room of your home.  
This tree was in my Kitchen and Hearth room last year. 
Traditional Kitchen by Columbus Photographers Julie Ranee Photography
How about this beautiful Kitchen 
and the lovely tabletop tree?

 Or, how about a tree on the bedside table?  

 My tabletop tree is in the corner 
of the Living room next to the book shelves.
 Even though it wasn't the BIG tree, 
I still had fun decorating it.  
I used only gold and white and silver this year.  
 And I topped it with a sparkly crown.  
 I didn't have to purchase a thing!  
(but I will be first in line at the after Christmas sales)
So, will you say Merry Christmas 
with a tabletop Christmas tree this year?  
I hope I have given you a bit of inspiration!

Until Nest Time,
Beaux R'eves,

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Anonymous said...

Your little table top tree is gorgeous! Good luck with the sale of your lovely home.
be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Shenita @ Embellishments by SLR said...

Cindy, these inspiration photos are lovely! I love your sweet table top tree. Your color combo is so soft and elegant.

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

I love the ease of a tabletop tree. Thanks for sharing mine. You will love how easy yours is to put away.

Unknown said...

All our trees are table top this year. And yes, I crammed them full ;).
Luv yours!!

Judy Biggerstaff said...

Great inspiration for tabletop trees and yours is beautiful. I just put up a tabletop tree in my daughter's dining room but I haven't gotten a post ready yet. We finally sold our house and put everything in storage until we have time to look, too much on my plate right now. Take care.

Home Chic Club said...

I love your sweet tree Cindy! I`m going to have one in my dining room this year, and I think it is perfect for a smaller rooms. They are so charming! Good lack with the sale!

Blondie's Journal said...

I have a few very small tabletop trees to brighten rooms other than the traditional tree in the family room. Your pictures have inspired me to try some different sorts of ornaments and ribbon! I really love the tree Martha used, so cute!!

Sending good thoughts your way on the sale of your home!

Jane xx

This N That said...

Some of those are very elegant. Even a tabletop tree can be gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

I have 2 tabletop trees, well one is one my kitchen island and I also have my BIG 10 footer. Just this year I am starting to think about getting a smaller one for tyhe future. I LOVE my big tree but it only fits in the breakfast room and then makes that room crowded. It was perfect for the old house but not this one:(:(

Unknown said...

I am using a table top tree AGAIN this year. I thought seriously of using the big tree, but remembering taking it down, made the small one win! So much easier. Love your tree decorations. Very pretty!

Lucy said...

Hi Cindy! We, too, have a tabletop tree in our living room bay window! We've had one for years!! We first bought it when we lived in an apartment. Then, when we moved to a large house, I decorated it for the winter birds and put it on our deck! We could see it from our breakfast nook and enjoyed it thoroughly through out the holidays. Now that we have sized down, we still have our little tree, so we put it up inside yet again! We certainly have gotten our money's worth!! Needless to say, I love it! Thanks for the fun post! Very much enjoy your blog! Merry Christmas my sweett friend!!🎄

janice15 said...

Very nice tabletop trees.. very pretty ty Janice

Kim said...

Lovely! Bigger isn't always better!

Christine @ Rustic-Refined said...

Love the tree's! Such great inspiration....Thanks for sharing this with me :-)

Alycia Nichols said...

ALL beautiful trees!!! I'm proud of you for being able to resist the big tree. I know you had to, though. I think tabletop trees are fantastic, and I have done some around here in the past. Nothing this year, but who knows what next year will bring? ;-) With inspiration like this, I just might do ALL tabletops next year for the heck of it!!!

Robin Johnson said...

Your tree is so pretty. I like using tiny tree's also. Have been using them for the past couple years and I love it. This year the kids talked me into letting them put their big tree in the living room and it's a nice change but I do miss my baby tree.

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