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Monday, April 28, 2014

In Love with My Lilacs

I have to admit 
that I have a love affair 
with my Lilacs 
about this time every year.  
it is a love affair that cannot last ~ 
at least not once I bring them inside.  
They only seem to last 
a day or two once they are cut.
They are so fragrant and beautiful 
in my front yard.  
Their delicate little flowers adorning each stem.  
I like to go out early in the morning 
and cut a few branches 
to bring inside.  
I creep around to the back of the bush 
(still in my pajama pants) 
with my bucket and clippers 
and snip off enough 
to place in a vase 
in the kitchen or entry way.  
On Saturday 
I clipped a huge bunch 
to create a centerpiece 
for the dining room table. 
I thought it would look pretty 
for Miss Beaux's Prom Party.  
They say that you can split the stems 
to help the arrangement last longer.  
I didn't have enough time that day 
but I will try it in the future.  
It's easy to do a Mass arrangement 
like this using only one type of flower.  
You just start placing the branches 
into the wet floral foam 
around the edges 
and then filling in the middle by height.  
If you see a bare spot 
then just add more flowers.  
I love when they spill 
over the edges of the container.  
This type of arrangement is really failproof.  
I was talking to a friend of mine today at work 
and we were sharing our respective Prom pictures.  
He commented on the lilacs 
in the background of the photos.  
You can see them HERE.  
He this told me 
that his lilac bushes 
are right by his bedroom window 
and that at night 
you can smell them as you are sleeping.  
Now THAT would be Heaven!
Until Next Time,
Beaux R'eves

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Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

I wish we could grow them here since everyone talks about how wonderful they smell. I don't think I have ever smelled them.

The Charm of Home said...

Just beautiful Cindy. Mine has just bloomed I will have to jump out there and use the blooms on something!

NanaDiana said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. They are my very favorite flowering Spring bush. I absolutely LOVE them. I was gong to tell you to split the stems up a couple of inches and then submerge them in cool water right up to their heads overnight-but it looks like you know that trick. I also throw a bit of Clorox in the water to keep them fresh. We won't have any for another month here. Yours are just so very beautiful! xo Diana

sweet violets said...

What beautiful color and I can smell them from here!! You have to smash the stems up quite a ways to split them open, mine will last for 5 days or more. Sometimes I also use Clorox in the water......Clorox is a must for lily of the valley.......

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

Our lilac bush still hasn't bloomed yet but I can't wait!! Your dining room arrangement looks GORGEOUS!

Debbi Benedict said...

Though we have loved living on the gulf coast of Florida for 32 years, smelling the Michigan lilacs of my youth is the one thing I really miss. How lucky you are to have them!

Basil6 said...

Love those blooms! Here in north central Ohio we are just starting to see a few lilacs blooming.....almost a month late! These cool, wet day here are really what springtime flowers love and I don't know if I've ever seen my tulips and daffodils look so lush and full!

Jeanette said...

My mom has what they call "French Lilacs", they are sort of white and a touch of purple. They are so beautiful and the smell is heaven. They don't last to long. Here in NJ the weather has been so weird that thing will be blooming late since it's still cold. We haven't really had much of Spring. Enjoy those heavenly Lilacs!

Cynthia said...

Lilacs are one of my favorites. I want them and hydrangeas in the new but I think I will have to choose one or the other. Not enough space for both.


KC said...

Loved your Pre Prom Party ideas and pictures! My daughter's prom is in a couple weeks.
The making of wonderful memories. Smiles!

Sue said...

Spring in OP - I miss it so much. I love lilacs, lilies of the valley, and peonies and can't have any here in TX. Why do those spring bloomers have such strong scents I wonder? Love them! Thanks for sharing.

Simply Suzannes at Home said...

Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

Oh. my. goodness . . . your lilac centerpiece is stunning!
I love lilacs. They bring back so many happy childhood memories with my grandma.
They smell quite amazing too!
Thanks so much for sharing.
Have a great week,

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

So beautiful.....just wish I could grow them here...such a gorgeous flower/shrub!

Laurie said...

Simply beautiful!

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

Oh how beautiful!

Debra@CommonGround said...

they are just amazing. We had huge bushes when I was growing up, and I'll never forget that wonderful aroma!

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