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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Work Party at the Mountain House!

Even though I know I posted last week, 
it feels like it was ages ago.  
Let's get all caught up!  
We are back home from Colorado 
and back to work.  
The first days after vacation are hard!  
Laundry, groceries, cleaning, etc...  
not to mention getting caught up at work.  
We had a great time with Mr. Beaux's brothers 
and sister in laws.  
The time just flew by while we were 
fishing, hiking and boating.  
Even though we were there 
to relax and rest,
we did have a full work day on the house.  
It is amazing what you can get done 
with six pairs of helping hands!
And it's easy to convince your worker bees 
to get busy when the scenery is this beautiful!  
The first project on our list 
was this outdoor table/firepit.  
We wanted to get rid of the firepit 
because it was a liability to us 
while we are renting the house out to vacationers.  
We just didn't feel comfortable 
having others use it while we were not there.  
It also had a few broken tiles 
from careless renters.  
But, I just can't stand throwing out 
or giving away a perfectly good table!
So, I had an idea!  
First we replaced the broken tiles 
with new tiles from Lowe's, 
then Mr. Beaux fashioned a new table top...
Out of leftover wooden floor boards.  
My Hero!
He cut each board to fit, 
glued it together 
and then stained it with stain 
that we already had.  
My Brother in Law 
sealed it with a few coats 
of Thompson's Water Seal.
A FREE upcycled project!  
And you can't beat the view!  
Our next project was this bench 
in the mudroom.  
It had become all dinged up and scratched.  
It looks like someone 
left something wet on it in this spot.  
All fixed up with a coat of Formby's Tung Oil.  
I really like Restor-A-Finish 
but they only carry it at Home Depot. 
But it worked almost as well!  
We also oiled up all of the 
wood furniture with Lemon Oil.  
It gets so dry up there!  
You have to protect your furniture!  
And, speaking of protecting your furniture... 
My leather sectional was looking pretty bad.  
It was dry too and had lots of scratches.  
I picked up some Leather Revive 
spray at Lowe's.  
It was inexpensive 
so I thought I would give it a try.
Here is a good before and after shot.   
You just spray it on and wipe it off.  
Looks a TON better doesn't it?
Not the best photo, but the sectional looks brand new!  
We stopped in at Habitat For Humanity Restore 
to browse around and we found 
this cute bench.  
I don't know why I am obsessed with benches!  
I thought it would make a good coffee table 
for our downstairs area.  
I thought it would be pretty indestructable too.  
It's funny how you start to think 
that way when you are renting out your house!  
 It was only $75 and they were having a sale 
for the 4th so it was 10% off.  
Mr. Beaux sanded it down to the bare wood.  
I decided to leave the green 
because it looked woodsy.  
 He stained it and my BIL 
put three coats of poly on it.  
It's funny that after he stained it 
I thought to myself, 
maybe we should have left the wood naked 
and just put the poly on...  
Mr. Beaux was thinking the same thing!  
But the stain was already on 
so what are you going to do!
I mean, I don't HATE it 
but the raw wood would have been a nice change.  
Don't you want to put your feet up?  
The kids are mostly down here 
playing video games and watching movies 
so I am glad we found something 
they can't harm too much.  
Our other chores were washing 
ALL of the blankets and comforters 
while we were there, 
organizing and inventoring the kitchen, 
and painting the front door!  
All in one day!  
We were all tired so we ordered pizza 
and just hung out!  
I really was glad to have all of the help 
and the great company too!  

Until Next Time,
Beaux R'eves,

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Julie said...

You really got a lot done in a short amount of time, Cindy! It looks great! And I'm going to try some of that leather restoration spray too.

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Sounds like a good trip working and playing. I need to try that leather stuff.

Shenita @ Embellishments by SLR said...

Cindy, you got a lot done! The extra hands always come in handy. Everything looks so cozy and inviting! The view is spectacular!

OSr Group said...

Omg it's so fabulous!!
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Cynthia said...

Let me start with saying I love your blog! Yours is the first one I look for in my emails. I love Colorado also, so when you post about there & show pics I just love it. We've visited there several times & are planning on going back next year. Long term (if I have my will be a home purchase someday. What part of Colorado is your home, & you mentioned renting it out.....What vacation home website do you use? We try to rent a home or condo, instead of going the hotel route when we can.

This N That said...

Great job with the tables and benches and the furniture. It looks like you have a lot of new furniture now. Things look great Cindy. You got a lot done. Enjoy your day.

Jeanette said...

Wow, you got so much done it a short period of time. Terrific job! I have to try that leather revive. If you bottle that energy feel free to send me some:)

Unknown said...

Thanks Cynthia! Our home is on Lake Dillon near the Keystone Skiing resort. I will post the info so people who are interested can see it.

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