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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Ski Tip Lodge

Mr. Beaux was up at our Colorado Mountain 
home last weekend with the boys 
playing cards and lots of golf.  
I know that we were just there 
but I really miss it so much!  
The beautiful scenery, 
the gorgeous weather in the summer...   
Thinking about the mountains 
reminded me of one of our favorite dining spots 
that I wanted to share with you!  
If you are ever up in the Keystone, Colorado 
area you should really check it out!  
It's called the Ski Tip Lodge 
and it's not the kind of place that you would just 
"stumble upon" as it is hidden behind 
the ski resort in an out of the way spot.  
We have eaten there quite a few times.  
The food is delicious and the menu is always changing.
The lodge is an old Stage Coach Stop 
that has been converted into a Bed and Breakfast.  
It's so charming and rustic 
that I always bring my camera to snap a few photos.  
Isn't that a great photo op!  

Let's go inside!
The inside is just as cozy and quaint as the outside.  
This is the lounge as you first walk into the lodge.  
Lots of rustic beams and ski decor.
Another shot of the lobby area.  
I don't have any photos of the dining area 
(people don't like having their picture taken while they eat). 
But after dinner they encourage you 
to go into another lounge area 
where they serve you dessert.  
That fireplace is about as tall as I am!

It's so relaxing to sit there 
and talk with your coffee and dessert.  
And the wait staff is so attentive! 
But my favorite thing HAS to be sitting out 
on the back patio enjoying 
a glass of wine with my hubby.
Can you believe how breathtaking that view is?  
It like they have the whole mountain to themselves!
They have a lot of weddings in this spot and I can see why!
Isn't it a great spot?  
I Love It!  
They even have their own herb garden for the kitchen.  
Theirs is doing much better than mine!  
So, if you plan on heading up the mountain this is certainly a great place to go.  Remember to make reservations though as their dining room is small and they fill up fast!  

Thanks for spending a few moments of your day with me!
Until Next Time,
Beaux R'eves,

***All photos that weren't mine were found on Google***

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This N That said...

I just love Colorado. I lived in Colorado Springs for two years. I have an aunt that lives in Jackson. It's gorgeous country. Glad you get to spend a fair amount of time there.

Micheal Alexander said...

Thanks for this. I really like what you've posted here and wish you the best of luck with this blog and thanks for sharing. Ski Tip Lodge Keystone Colorado

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