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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Gathering Inspiration From Hotels

Ritz Carlton

This Summer is flying by!  
I can't believe that it is mid-July already.  
Miss Beaux has her college orientation next week 
and before you know it the Bell Tower 
will be ringing in her first day of school.  
Vacationing and traveling are one of our favorite 
things to do during the summer 
as it is with many families.  
Matter of fact, we are taking off again next week, 
back out to California to see family 
and a fun College Sorority reunion 
for a short weekend.  
I always love staying in nice hotels (who doesn't).  
But my reasons may be different 
than most folks, 
I like to steal decorating ideas while I am there!  
I took a few pictures while 
I was at the Ritz Carlton in Naples 
to share some of my stolen ideas with you all.  

 OK, this is a classic idea, orchid in a decorative pot.   
What I liked about it is the under planting 
of the house plant, the moss 
and the mushroom pod.  
I need to remember those details 
and apply them in my own house. 
This display in the lobby reminded me 
to use what I have in the yard...  
Gather some hydrangeas, lily's, large leaves 
and add in some moss balls 
to the mix in neutral containers.  
Remember to use low centerpieces for dinner parties.  
It's nice to see the people across the table.  
Ritz Carlton
Tip: If the scenery is this gorgeous let it take center stage.  
Notice how the tablecloth, 
chairs and dishes are all neutral 
so the backdrop and the flowers 
can be the star of the show?  
 I just thought this was unusual so I snapped a photo.  
It's more like modern art 
than a flower arrangement.  

Decorative Accessories:
Repeat simple accessories for a larger impact.  
How easy would this be?  
I bet you could find these jars at the dollar store.
Fill them with sand 
and place them on your shelf.  
Beach under glass... 
It's the grouping that makes it interesting...
Again the elements were repeated 
because of the large space to fill.  
Ritz Carlton
Decorate using the colors of Nature.  
Sunny yellows, sea and sky blues, sandy beige.
Ritz Carlton
Orient your seating arrangement to the view 
if you have one.  
Blocking this view would be a crime!  
Lighting:  I love seeing traditional lighting in a non-traditional space.

Using unusual objects for lighting.  
This is a crystal decanter used as a light fixture.  
Very Cool.
How fun would that be over a bar?
Ritz Carlton
A professional photo of the space.    

So there you have a few ideas 
stolen from grand hotels!  

Until Next Time,
Beaux R'eves,

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Julie said...

What a fantastic post, Cindy! I love how you gave so many inspiring ideas from hotel design. I always love what I see when I stay at one, but I never follow through and use any of the ideas. Maybe this will prompt me to look at things with a fresh perspective :)

Jeanette said...

What a great post with some fabulous ideas. Sometimes things are right under your nose and you just have to see things used in the simplest form to get an idea.

Teddee Grace said...

That's a water lily pod in the first would be interesting to know how the designer cut those leaves in that very modernistic arrangement and how those arrangements in the beach setting are secured. Beautiful.

At The Picket Fence said...

I'm the same way Cindy! Always looking at the decor in hotels for ideas. Love all the inspiration you collected here! :-)

Alycia Nichols said...

This just gave me a BUNCH of great ideas, Cindy! Thank you!!! I always tell my husband that the best home decorating ideas often come from hotels, and I think he is now starting to believe me. I think before he thought I was talking about those cheesy "starving artist" paintings you find in some hotels. But now I know that he really understands what I'm talking about. YOU obviously understand!!!! Thanks for sharing, and have a terrific week!

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