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Monday, July 28, 2014

More Blue Willow in the Kitchen

Now today is a beautiful day!  
Low 80's with big fluffy clouds!  
This is the first day that I have walked 
outside and not been accosted 
by a blast of heat and humidity.  
I actually brought all of my herbs 
inside this weekend 
and placed them in the kitchen window.  
That of course prompted a lot of other changes 
and out came the camera!  
I had to have something to do 
while I was washing the heck out of my bed-skirt!
My parsley is actually doing well 
despite the intense heat we have had.  
I bet I will be more likely to snip off 
some while I am cooking 
now that it is here in easy reach.  
I love the way my Thyme  
looks in my copper pot.  
The Basil hasn't fared as well I'm afraid.  
I am going to cut it down tonight 
and use a lot of it in a 
tomato, basil and mozzarella 
salad with dinner.  
Notice my new rooster in the background?  
Isn't he the cutest?  
And, see my Blue Willow platter 
popping in thru the corner?  
I just love it with all of the copper!  
I found a few platters for sale 
on one of my favorite online sites 
starting at $185.00.  
I think I did pretty well for only $13.00.  
Don't you think so?
I think it is all coming together nicely! 
I had a plant that used to sit in the window.  
It was getting out of control 
so I replanted it in my large 
Blue and White fish bowl that I bought.  

Now it can hang out in the living room 
and grow to it's hearts content!  
Please remind me to water it!  
On the Buffet side of the kitchen 
I made a few changes too.  
I always have trouble with that area.  
It seems that no matter what I put there 
it ends up being the drop off zone for 
mail, phone chargers, purses (mine),  etc... 
But, I still like it to be pretty.
While I was replanting my Pothos plant, 
which is the easiest plant in the world to take care of btw, 
I snipped a few stems off 
and stuck them a glass jelly jar 
inside my copper watering can.  
Remember when you used to start plants that way?  
Does anyone still do that?  
I remember as a kid being amazed 
when the roots would appear!  

I tried to keep the buffet top simple 
with a white platter, my cutie cow, 
the copper can and the copper planter.  
I weeded out all of the aqua dishes 
that I had up above and kept only the white ironstone.  
Nice and neat!  

For now that is...  

Until Next Time, 

Come back and see where else 
my Blue and White is appearing,

Beaux R'eves,

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ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

Love your changes Cindy...the white ironstone looks so pretty in your kitchen hutch and I love the herbs around your window!

Maureen Wyatt said...

I used to start plants from clippings in a jar of water. My barbarian cats don't think they should be in there and pull them out so that won't be happening for many years now. sigh Your kitchen changes look lovely and the platter was a complete steal!

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Such beautiful changes and love how you re-styled the the look of copper and greenery...your kitchen is so beautiful!

This N That said...

Love the hutch, Cindy. You have a beautiful kitchen. We are actually in the 60s this morning. Enjoy!

Beeutiful by Design said...

There is about a dozen things I love about this post -love the willow tray -where did you find that for $13! Love the blue and white with the copper -will have to steal ahh I mean borrow that idea as I've been collecting some copper pieces this summer. Thanks for sharing -Jennifer

Pat@Life At Lydias House said...

$13!! I'll say you did well!!! I love the dishes in the copper broiler too! Great styling!

Alycia Nichols said...

I have been REALLY enjoying this wonderful weather! I got out this evening and took a nice walk in a nearby neighborhood to check out the landscapes and get ideas. It was so refreshing and invigorating! Nice to be able to walk and still be able to breathe!!! With the humidity as bad as it had gotten, I was forced to stay indoors except for early morning and late night. :-(

Your kitchen is so pretty! I love that view out the window. It looks as if you're looking out into a valley! Your Blue Willow looks wonderful alongside all the copper. Very traditional without being stuffy.

I've kept all of my herbs in pots on the sundeck this year, and they've thrived nicely. I planted the thyme and oregano kind of late, so they've not taken off like some of the others. My basil grew TALL and I'll be busy this week chopping & freezing some of it for winter before it starts to yellow and die on the stalk. I bought a rosemary plant this year that has thrived nicely, too, I'll be bringing it indoors for the winter and hoping it survives. I've never had much luck with overwintering things. I need to transfer all of those other perennial herbs to the ground so they can get established before it's too late!!!

Continue to enjoy the gift we've been given this week. We'll be back to Kansas City normal by the weekend! :-(

Anonymous said...

Great platter! Sorry, not typing too much...rotator surgery.

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