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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Easy Winter Floral Arrangement

So are your decorations all up 
and are you all ready for the holidays?  
What is left on your list 
besides the last minute gift giving?  
Are you entertaining friends or family?  
I have the perfect centerpiece 
for your holiday table 
or in my case 
 entry table floral arrangement.  
Here is what you need.  
A vessel or container, floral foam, 
winter greenery, pears or apples, 
flowers (I didn't end up using the flowers) 
and a central ornament 
or what I used, 
a white glittery dollar store house.
I soaked the floral foam in water 
and put it into a plastic container.  
I cut three bamboo skewers 
the same size and placed 
the glitter house on top.  
I tested it for height and then removed it.
The glitter house was made 
with Martha Stewart glitter and glue last year.  
I found these little houses at 
the dollar store 
and glammed them up.  
I used the box to catch the extra glitter.  
You can see my post HERE.
I had purchased a few winter garlands 
at Costco to use outside 
and I had some greens left over.  
I placed the greens into the floral foam.  
Don't worry, 
it looks random now 
but it will be beautiful when it is done.
I put the glitter house 
back on it's stilts in the middle.  
 I then started to add the pears 
into the arrangement.  
Just poke a bamboo skewer 
into the bottom and cut it to size.
It's starting to take shape!
With the pears in place, 
I added some tiny pine cones to the mix.  
I tried the white flowers 
but it just didn't look right.  
I filled in the bare spots with more greenery.  
You could add some silver or gold ornaments 
if you like or some ribbon.  
I sprinkled some glittery snow on the top to finish it off.  
All together it took me less than a half hour.  
I think this is the most creative thing 
I have done since we put the house up for sale!  
It felt good to do a project just for fun!
And there you go...  
The greens and the pears should last 
past Christmas as long as I remember 
to keep water in it!  

Until Next Time,
Beaux R'eves,

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ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

Cindy that looks beautiful!!

Kim said...

Very original. I love it! Great idea with the glitter houses, that's a must do!

Julie said...

I think this is gorgeous. What a creative idea with the dollar store house and glitter. The arrangement looks great reflected in front of your mirror.

Jeanette said...

Looks beautiful!

Connie said...

Very pretty. I like that it's reflected in the mirror.

xinex said...

Wonderful! Thanks for the instructions too....Christine

Unknown said...

this is so simple and so adaptable for any centerpiece. I wish I had bought some of these little churches and repainted them. I have been collection these little villages for 30 years but when I moved into my tiny apt alot couldn't fit so alot had to go. I really miss my village this year.usie

Babs said...

LOVE, LOVE your arrangement! The blue and white container looks so pretty with fresh greenery and the pears. Great idea for the dollar store houses. The glue and glitter really does the trick. :)
Thanks for the tutorial.

sheerserendipity said...

Looks beautiful! I love the blue and white bowl!

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