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Monday, March 30, 2015

The Pillow Factory and Some Rambling

Happy Monday!  
Last week I showed you the new 
pillows for the Hearth Room.  
Well, since I had all of my supplies out 
I decided to make more pillow covers.  
With the house up for sale 
I have to keep everything neatly put away.  
Of course, as usual, 
I didn't get around to making them 
right away and all of my stuff sat 
in the kitchen dining area 
until Saturday morning.  
And, as luck would have it 
we had a showing later that afternoon.  
But, I know myself and I knew 
that if I put everything away 
then the pillows would NEVER get made!  
Maybe I just work better under pressure?  
Mr. Beaux thought I was a little crazy 
but I assured him I could get it all done.  
And we did.  
I have had these fabrics for a while now.  
I thought they were just 
what the living room needed 
to brighten it up a bit.  
I made simple envelope pillows with rounded edges.  
This fabric was actually a tablecloth from Zgallerie.  
It made it really easy to sew the envelope closure!  
I just used the seamed edge for the back.  
I like the mix of the graphic pattern 
to modernize the room.  
I don't think that the pups are too impressed.  
I also think that the patterns and colors
 of the fabrics are subtle enough 
so that they don't scream at you 
when you walk in the door.  
So, besides making a few pillows 
I got little done this weekend.  
We spent all day Saturday doing chores 
and preparing for the house to be shown 
only to have them cancel 45 minutes after 
the time that they were supposed to be at the house!  
Of course we were already 
out of the house with the dogs by then.  
I know that it goes with the territory 
and it is bound to happen but it is frustrating.  
I would have rather been Estate Sale-ing 
or having fun doing other things.  
Shhhh, I did sneak out on Friday 
to a couple of Estate Sales 
but I didn't buy anything.  
Although, I did find this magnifying glass 
a few weeks ago while my BFF and I were hunting.  
It was only $3.00 and I had been wanting one... 
I don't know if it is Vintage 
or if it came from World Market 
but I liked it so it came home with me. 
The pillows that were on the sofa 
are temporarily in the dining room.  
I say temporarily because I am in the process 
of setting the Easter Table.  
I got everything out on Sunday 
to decide what I was going to use 
for the table this year 
and of course we got a call requesting 
a last minute showing.  
At least the house was clean!  
This living in a fishbowl business 
has gotten me a little down I guess.  
I try to have a positive attitude 
but sometimes I feel like I am living in Limbo.  
I don't really want to do anything 
more to the house at this point.  
So, we just keep it show ready 
and hope for the best.  
I am glad the the weather is nice 
so at least I can start working in the yard!  
Thanks for listening!  

Until Next Time,
Beaux R'eves,

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ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

Love the new pillows Cindy!

Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

Cindy, your newly crafted pillows in the fabulous fabrics, and your new finds, and your gorgeous home - just makes me sigh for the loveliness. I am so sorry about the cancellation, that has to be the worst thing to go through! The only time I ever sold a home was after we moved and it was just staged/empty - lots easier. Bury a Catholic statue of St. Joseph upside in your front yard and you will sell it fast. Anytime I ever tell someone that it works - it's always worked for me, too! GL!

Have a wonderful week.

Zoe said...

I feel your pain! Having a house on the market is no fun! I remember being in the shower and my agent calling to let me know she was out showing houses and wanted to bring a client over in 5 minutes; what?! Your home is beautiful and someone will be lucky to call it their home. Thank you for your creative blog, I really enjoy it.


S H Elliott said...

Love your pillows...but maybe your puppies more! I have a huge golden...and love cute dogs! Yours are cute! Sheila

Unknown said...

Your home is so lovely! I am baffled that it hasn't sold yet. As a realtor, may I say, "you are a realtor's dream client", with the extra effort you've taken to have your home show ready and perfectly staged. I've never commented before, but, wanted to take a minute to thank you for your blog. I always enjoy ready daily! Good luck to you!


Pura Vida said...

I'm so excited for summer pillows!

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luckybet964 said...

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