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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Styling Your Bedside Table

When I freshened up the guest room 
with new linens and my Estate Sale furniture 
I switched out the side table for one 
that I had upstairs in one of the "kid" rooms.  
I am embarrassed to say 
that I just threw whatever I had lying around 
on the table just to get the photos done.  
Now that we are having showings 
for the house every weekend 
I decided to get down there and do it right!  
Typically when you are working 
with a bedside table, a lamp is involved.  
I say typically because one could also mount 
a light fixture on the wall 
next to the bed for reading.  
But, in this case I have a lamp.  
It is important that your lamp 
is the right size for the table.  
An oversized lamp or a teeny tiny lamp 
would be out of scale and not look right. 
Artwork or even a mirror 
above the night table is also 
part of the formula for an attractive display.  
In my case I hung a painting 
by Mr. Beaux's grandmother over the table.  
I love having these very special pieces 
integrated into my home decor.  
They hold so much meaning 
and they make me smile 
every time I pass the room.  
I usually keep the accessories to three 
(an odd number) and try to make them useful also.  
I like to have a pleasing height 
arrangement varying the objects 
from largest to smallest.  
If you find that too many things 
are the same height then elevate 
them on books or a decorative box.    
And, remember to incorporate something 
natural, something shiny and something textural.  
So let's break it down:  
The clock is useful and shiny, 
the flowers are natural and propped up 
on the books for height,  
the butterfly tray is great for holding 
jewelry or a pair of glasses.  
The books are textural and 
they might also be interesting 
reading for your guests.  
I like how these tulips coordinate 
with the painting and the book that I used.  
They were actually in the kitchen 
for a while and on their last legs.  
It always amazes me that you can 
cut the ends of the tulips 
and stick them back in water 
and they last for a few weeks.  
I bought this tray at Nell Hill's a long time ago.  
It has been used all over the house!  
This is really off topic from the bedside table styling 
but I put a tray of magazines under the table 
for my guests to browse through...  
Just for fun, 
let's try another combination 
of things on the table....
This time I have an oil painting leaning 
against the wall instead of hanging. 
This painting was done by my 
Mother In Law.
I would have liked to have two 
to layer them, but I searched around 
and couldn't find exactly what I was looking for...
A small white pot filled 
with red begonias and a stack of books...  
I needed something shiny 
so I found an old piece of hardware 
and an old doorknob and put them on top of the books...  
Does this combination fit all of our rules?  
Arranged in three
Varying heights
Colors complementary to our design
I guess I could have added 
a small tray or bowl to make it complete. 

Whew!  There is a lot more to this than meets the eye!  
What are your rules for styling a bedside table?  

Until Next Time,
Beaux R'eves,
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NanaDiana said...

You did a really nice job, Cindy. I love how you have things arranged (and rearranged). How I do a bedside table really depends on if it is "for looks" or for real. lol If it is for looks I do pretty much like what you do- the odd number 3/5/7 of objects. If it is real life- one of those is always a small box of decorative tissues. I like a 3 way lamp so that people can read or have more ambient lighting if they want it.
It is always fun to do the accessorizing part, isn't it? Nice job there- xo Diana

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

Great job Cindy...I think both ways looked pretty!

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

Almost forgot love your new look!

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

Both combos are VERY pretty. I, personally style our bedside tables with things that mean something to us. Right now I have a lamp, a Chinese jar and a FUNNY picture of our granddaughter on my side. The picture makes me smile every night:)

This N That said...

Great ideas Cindy...My tables are pretty close..One or two little tweaks and I'll be OK..Thanks

Jaybird said...

It looks so pretty and I appreciate all of the hints. I do agree however, that there need to be tissues :^)
I love the first display the best...probably because I am a tulip freak!
Blessings to you and good luck on this weekend's showing!

Sarah said...

Cindy, I think your styling looks great. I have a clock on my bedside tables in the guest room and the master. I actually use my iPhone for an alarm now, but now everyone does. I also have a coaster, for a glass or drink beside the bed. I often include a small basket in the guest room that has bottled water, a few snacks, fruit, a note pad and pencil / pen, and anything I think of for a specific guests. I, too, have a stack of magazines for reading and books in the room. A box of tissues is also on one of the bedside tables. Like you, I try to keep it to three things.

Benita said...

The tulips with the painting is my favorite!! Beautiful!!

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