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Monday, January 13, 2014

Hostess Chair for the Kitchen Table

Happy Monday, Everyone!  
I hope you all had a spectacular weekend.  
Our temps were a bit better than they have been 
for the last month, 
so my BFF and I got out and made our Estate Sale Rounds. 

 I think that I mentioned briefly to you all that I took a full 
time desk job.  No, I wasn't out looking for a job for sure.  
Mr. Beaux's Logistics company is getting 
 increasingly busier by the month.  
 He needed a full time Office Manager/Assistant 
 and I offered up my help.  
 I thought it would be temporary... 
 That was about six months ago and I think I made the 
terrible mistake of doing my job too well!  
 I really do like working there though 
 and I especially like all of the great people in his office.  
 I am really having fun but my Estate Sale-ing 
 is now limited to Saturday mornings and everything is 
already picked over.  
 ANYWAY... We were striking out at the Estate Sales and we 
decided to run over to one of our favorite haunts: 
 Revival Furniture Store.  
 It is a treasure trove of consignment furniture 
 and accessories.  
 I spotted this chair when we first walked into the store 
 and I fell in love!  
It's an older wing back chair that they had 
newly recovered in a Waverly fabric.  
I did some research online and the pattern is called Olana-Gold.   
Wait until you see the best part of the chair.
Look at her beautiful exposed ladder back.  
I don't think I have ever seen an exposed back wing chair.  
I was taken as soon as found her.  
I was just a little concerned that it might be 
a tad too bright for me.  
So, I sat down and picked up the price tag.  
Oh Yeah!  She was coming home with me!  
I couldn't believe the price.  Only $158.00.  
 Now, it's not the bargain of the century but I think that is a 
pretty good price for a newly reupholstered chair.  
 I love the sweet yellow and cream check that they coordinated with the Waverly fabric.
We loaded her into the car and took her home.  
I was still a little nervous about the colors.  
We got her into the kitchen and stood back for a look.  
I really loved the way it punched up the 
table and the kitchen area.  
I only had one concern.
Is it competing with this chair in our Hearth Room?  
I don't know why I was agonizing 
so much over the whole thing.  
I guess I am just more of a quiet, subdued person 
and when this loud gal entered the room 
it took me a while to get used to her.  
Look at her sweet little legs though 
and how they left them all dinged up and scratched.  
 She's like one of those people you meet that are a little too 
loud and maybe abrasive at first 
 but it is only because they are 
 overcompensating for their own perceived shortcomings.  
 I end up loving those people the most!  
They usually have a heart of gold!  
The more I look at her the more I love her!  
But I do have some ideas on how to tone her down a little.
I pulled this fabric out of my stash.  
A lumbar pillow would be great in this fabric.  
Or maybe this red and cream check would do the trick.
And I have been saving this fabric to make 
 curtains for the kitchen window.  
 That would bring more color over to that side of the room.
And I can't take credit for this idea as it was my BFF's... 
taking the check from the back of the chair and making a 
pillow out of a large Buffalo Check.
I love that idea!  
Here is a wonderful Buffalo Check from Calico Corners.  
Whatever my solution is she is staying put for now...  
 My eyes are increasingly adjusting to her while I figure out 
how to turn down the volume a bit.

Until Next Time,

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Zoe said...

Fabulous! What a gorgeous chair and I would have arm wrestled you had I been in the store with you. You have a gorgeous home and I so enjoy your blog and the chair is a beautiful addition and was a great bargain.


Anonymous said...

I love it and think it looks great in your space.

Anonymous said...

I love love love that chair. She is a bit of bright sunshine in winter! And smiles at everyone in the room 24/365!
But I get your apprehension. You will get used to her flair and love of life, is my guess.

One little thing nags at me a bit: if you NEED a lumbar pillow, is this little gal the right one for dining?
Only you know, of course. If you want a pillow and must have one, I think I'd like to see it match the back of the chair, but that's not my call. Whatever you do. it will be perfect.

Anonymous said...

Your wall paint is sooooo great. I just love that color.

This N That said...

Love the chair, Cindy..I never saw one like that either..The green plaid works for me..Actually it looks good as is with all your thing except the other chair :)

Unknown said...

love the chair! suggestion just put it on the other side of table then it wont be so close to the other chair. Even though I like it the way it is

Kim said...

Wow! What a great score. I vote for the red and cream small check fabric.

Alycia Nichols said...

I AM the loud gal who enters the room that everyone has to grow accustomed to, so I understand and applaud your love for this chair! :-) :-) :-)

I have only been in Revival once. I think it's the kind of place you have to visit often to catch really great stuff. And they have LOTS of great stuff! You scored big time!!! At a mere $158, I think it's a wonderful bargain!

Congrats on your "new" job! I'm glad you like it. I wish I could go estate sale-ing in your place, but I would never know exactly what to get. I hope things turn around on that front for you!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Cindy, I love this chair! Sorry, I didn't realize you were back to blogging!!

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

Cindy I LOVE this chair just the way it is...what an awesome find!! What about putting it on the other end of the table then maybe you won't feel like it's competing with the other chair? Missed your posts:)

Tablescapes By Diane said...

Hi lovely lady.
I love the yellow chair it is Gorgeous!!
Hoping you have a wonderful week with your family. I see I was your fifteen follower on your blog a long time ago.

Stacey said...

That chair is absolutely beautiful! When you add the pillow it will be perfection.

Nancy's Notes said...

Oh my, that chair is just beautiful! I and just crazy about the exposed ladder back, how wonderful is that! I think it's just perfect~

Diana Taylor said...

Love the chair and all your posts. What about putting the chair at the other end of the table? Won't compete and will be a focal point for other side of room.

James said...

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Vollrath said...

Hostess Chair for the Kitchen Table. Happy Monday, Everyone! I hope you all had a spectacular weekend. Our temps were a bit better than ...

lilac said...

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