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Monday, October 8, 2012

The Haunted Dining Room How-To's

with you on Saturday night.  
But I didn't share any of the SCARY details.  
Hey, it was the weekend!  
So cover your eyes if you must (but it's gonna be hard to read that way) and follow along as I show you how I achieved my Haunted Dining Room.
I cannot take credit for the Madame Leota Crystal Ball idea.  Miss Beaux and I were knee deep into this project when inspiration struck her like a bolt of lightning. 
 My Mother In Law passed all of these fantastic cloches from 
Pottery Barn to me this year.  
I had unpacked them all knowing that I wanted to use them 
for my Halloween Display.  
Miss Beaux remarked that this particular cloche 
looked like a Crystal Ball.  
I agreed but wasn't sure how I could pull that off.  
 She was set on the Disney Haunted Mansion Crystal Ball 
so we Googled that image.  
I wadded up some black tulle with a skull to see what effect that would have.  
It was just what I was looking for, so we printed off a picture of Miss Leota on Photo Paper and 
cut it out and placed it in there.  
That was it!  
And, I will have to tell you 
that I am mighty impressed with myself!  
Easy and Effective!  

You could use a fishbowl to get the same look.  
 I was inspired by Nell Hill's Blog on Halloween tips.  
She had life sized skeletons at the dining room table.  
It just stuck in my head as something I wanted to do.  
I was at Walmart looking for Cheesecloth when I ran across these handsome guys.
   I figured I probably wouldn't find them any cheaper and there were only two of them so I snatched them up.  
I really hesitated buying them as they were $39.00 apiece. My go-to theory on whether or not I REALLY want something is to put it in my basket and walk around and keep shopping for a while.  If at the end of my shopping I STILL want it then I make the purchase.  Sometimes, I'm just over it and decide I don't need it.  
I bought two packages of cheesecloth for $4.00 apiece.  
That was enough to cover up the Mr. and Mrs. and then tie a small amount around the backs of the chairs.  
So much going on here for so little money.  
I found these stick-ons at Walmart for $2.97.  
Miss Beaux had fun sticking it up there.  
The webbing was from Hobby Lobby half price. 
 A little spider webbing goes a long way.
I had these frames from Costco in the basement.  I printed out the photos from Celebrate and popped them in there. 
 A little webbing, a spider, and a dead rose looks pretty spooky.  
You might remember my white pumpkins
from my Fall Dining Room post.  
I placed them on a silver candlestick with a bat cut out of construction paper.
The skulls were all from the Dollar store.
 I know this is a terrible picture but it was really difficult to get a good photo with all of the reflection.  
My "Bats in the Belfry" are cut out of black construction paper and tied onto a piece of Jute rope. 
 I taped the string to the top and to the bottom and put some spider-webbing inside to hide the tape.  
The Black Crows lurking overhead are all from the Dollar Store.  I went outside and found these branches and wired them to the light fixture.  The black cloth netting is also from the Dollar Store.  I looped it around the branches and the light being careful not to go inside the light at all.  I don't feel like calling the Fire Dept.  
I threw an extra bat or two up there also.
I kept my place setting simple with black dishes from Target that I had and the white Fleur de lis chargers that I ordered from OKL earlier in the year.  We've had these black stemmed wine glasses since our wedding.  You remember when I found this silver at an Estate Sale?  Napkins are from Tuesday Morning.  I only had four so I gave the Host and Hostess a pair of red napkins.  A few creepy crawlers have invaded the table and are tucked into a silver napkin ring.  A white pumpkin adds a touch of contrast to the black dishes.  Everything here I already owned so I didn't have to purchase anything.  Lightning Bolt courtesy of Pic Monkey!
 Anyone for Bloody Mary's?  I took an old wine bottle and printed out these labels from HERE.  I wrapped some jute around the top to make it look vintage.  The dripping blood around my tarnished champagne bucket is from the Dollar Store. 
Mr. Rat is also from the Dollar Store. 
On a silver platter under a cloche with some lettuce garnish and he looks Delish!  
My Bleeding Heart: again the Dollar Store.  
A ripped up doily and some fake blood under a cloche makes it look delectable.  
 I found this candelabra recently at an Estate Sale.  
It was $35 which is actually a good price for this all silver piece.  What's funny was that Miss Beaux came home from school that day and saw it sitting on the counter with the price on it.  She picked it up 
"$35! Mom why did you pay so much?"  
I'm raising a Thrift Store Diva!  
I set it on some old fake books that I had with black candles from Hobby Lobby.  Boney fingers are crawling around it, they are from Walmart.  I bought a whole bag of bones for $8.99.  Oh, and I can't forget my tiny crow peeking out from the middle.  

I think I've covered everything!  
Happy Haunting!

I want to thank all of my readers and followers for all of your kind comments and support.  

Until Next Time,
Beaux R'eves,
XO Cindy

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Cristina Garay said...

Totally AWESOME, Cindy! Madame Leota crystal ball idea is my favorite it looks real! I love everything! I cannot even do half of this Halloween decor :( I have three super scary fellows at home that couldn't sleep at night with all those props around the house!

Olive said...

Wowza Cindy, what a fun and spooky table. You went for it and it is fun, creepy and I love it. xo, olive

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

I loved the first post where you revealed this and I really love that you are sharing how you did it! Thank you...I'm inspired!

Anonymous said...


This is not so scary now that I know your tricks....but it was a treat to find out your great little secrets.

Keep up the great work.

The Tablescaper said...

Soooo much fun!!! Great ideas.

Do link this to Seasonal Sundays!

- The Tablescaper

Tammy @ A Walk in the Countryside said...

Such a huge impact while not spending a fortune! Great job!

Paulette, Jvona & Rachel said...

That's a ton of work that went into that dining room. It's fabulously spooky. Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Thank you, thank you, for all your ideas. I hope i' m not too late to get some of those things at wall mart and the dollar store.
Everything looks spooktacular!!

Doll in the Looking Glass said...

You make everything sound so easy ... but there is a major time commitment to get this level of detail in your decor. Well done!


Kathy said...

Love your spooky diningroom I bet you just loved decorating and being so creative! You are so kind to share your ideas and the how,tos
Happy halloween

Unknown said...

Wow, I love love LOVE this!! So awesome!! I may have to steal some tips, Halloween fanatic that I am!

Found you off the DIY ShowOff's Sunday link party!

Kristy @ Shona Skye Creations

Unknown said...


I am currently writing up a blog post about my favorite Halloween pins on Pinterest. Your dining room had caught my eye and I am hoping that you will let me feature it in my post. I adore it!

Please let me know if you are OK with me sharing one of your pictures and linking to your blog.

I look forward to your response,


Bliss said...

I happen to have a big round globe like yours that I used for a head..... a real one under a table no less! I might not get around to making Ms. Leota this year, but you can bet she is going in that crystal ball next year!


Unknown said...

It's up!

Unknown said...

P.S. Thank you letting me feature you!

Unknown said...

Wonderful blog post so many fantastic ideas. Will be sharing and incorporating some into our annual masquerade party. Thank you.

Unknown said...

Wonderful blog post so many fantastic ideas. Will be sharing and incorporating some into our annual masquerade party. Thank you.

Unknown said...

Where did you find the picture of Miss Leota? I've been all over google and can not find anything similar?

imsteelefullofscrap said...

Oh my I love what all you did

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

I'm making this Crystal Ball for a party, may I please link to this when I post about it?

Muriel Charlonne said...

I love EVERY inch of it. Marvelous job!!!!

babs1652 said...

What a fabulous table! Can I come to your house for dinner? ;-)

Marissa said...

I stumbled onto your beautiful picture of the Madame Leota Crystal Ball and wondered if you or any of your readers know where I could find a similar "crystal ball". I'm having a hard time finding one that is big enough. A fish tank won't work because it's flat on the bottom. TYIA

slkeena said...

this is awesome. I have visited so many sites and it is always the same. blah blah blah. But you have some wonderful, actually something that I can do, great ideas!! thank you so much!

Unknown said...

This is super fabulous! I cannot tell you how elegantly spooky this is. My brother and I are planning our annual Hallowe'en Bash and this is the inspiration that I needed for The Addam's Family Theme we are doing. absolutely beautiful!
Thanks for the inspiration and the crystal ball is amazing.

Unknown said...

Hi there!
I just want to say, these are all very much... spectacular! From lighting to photography and of course decor.
Thank you for sharing your talent!

CA ROPPEL said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
CA ROPPEL said...

Hi! Love what you've done! OH SO talented!
I do have a question about the crystal ball: Did you just "attach" the face to the skull and wrap black tulle behind and around the head? Did you add any lighting to this,or just count on the ambient lighting in the room? Thanks!!

Md.Mahfuzur Rahman said...

Wonderfull picture & Place. i like it. Thanks For share this well post.

Williamsanderson said...

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