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Monday, August 20, 2012

I've Been Everywhere Man

I Have been everywhere!  
Everywhere but here sitting at my computer blogging.  
I took a much needed break (from the heat in the midwest) 
to celebrate our 30th Anniversary!!!  
If that isn't a good excuse to get away....  
Mr. Beaux took me on a fantastic trip out West 
where we retraced our honeymoon way back in 1982.  

We started our trip by dropping Miss Beaux off
 in Southern California where she stayed 
with my sister 
and had her own vacay at the beach for a week. 

 Mr. Beaux and I headed up to San Francisco and stayed at the Fairmont on Nob Hill (Not where we stayed on our honeymoon but it's OK by me to upgrade *wink*)

 The Fairmont is such an Iconic Hotel. 
 After surviving the 1906 earthquake with all of it's gorgeous marble pillars to support it, she finally succumb to fire 24 hours later.  Julia Morgan, the first woman graduate of the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris took over the job of the restoration.  After a short 12 months it was up and running and soon became the Posh place in the city to stay, dine and dance the night away.  

I certainly felt special staying here.  
How stunning is this room?

"What Mr. Beaux? A SUITE???  How sweeeeeet" 
The view was spectacular
 and the suite came with complementary room service for breakfast!!!  
I felt VERY spoiled!  

 We sneaked (snuck?) into the Gold Ballroom
 and took a few photos. 
 This is where they would hold regular Saturday 
night dinner and dancing.  

 Sigh, just gorgeousness!

The Lobby
The pillars are the original marble pillars from 1906. 
 Don't you want to sink into those crushed velvet sofas?

More of the Lobby.

We did make it out of the Hotel, I promise.  Here we are on our Anniversary night.  I set the camera on auto and jumped into this picture.  We had so much fun eating at the Quirky Tonga room at the hotel the first night, a great restaurant on the Wharf the next and fancy French dining on our anniversary.  

We always try to visit places that we haven't seen yet so we headed to the Haight Ashbury district and walked around for a bit.  

 Want to try on the largest Tye Dye T-shirt ever?

This was the cool ceiling at the same store.  

Does this look familiar to anyone?  
Yep, this is where they filmed the opening scene of Full House. 

Across the street is the park where they have the picnic.  

 I thought that I would be the only Goofball who would sit here and take pictures.  But as you can see, everyone had a camera and was snapping away.  Guess I'm not such an original after all.

There were so many pretty "Painted Ladies".  

Don't you love all the detail?  

As much fun as we had I can only spend about three days in a big city before I am itching to stretch out.  SO, we headed down the coast to Monterey and Carmel for the next part of our trip.  I'm excited to show you the Bed and Breakfast where we stayed so come back tomorrow for the  follow up post.

Also, besides all of the traveling I have done I have been working very hard on my bathroom and basement  remodeling project for my client.  I hope to have some photos up this week to show you the progress.  

Until Next Time,
Beaux R'eves,
XO Cindy

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Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Oh, I love San Fran. We visited many years ago and stayed at the Hyatt overlooking the wharf. It was a business conference trip and I felt so spoiled in this expensive place. We drove down to Monterray and Carmel, too and I told my husband I want to go back to Carmel some day and we have never been back. Happy anniversary and thanks for refreshing some old memories.

dee dee said...

San Fran is one of my favorite cities to visit! Looks like you had such a great time! Happy 30th! Can't wait to see the next set of photos from Monterrey and Carmel!
dee dee

Anonymous said...

Hi! Happy 30th Anniversary! What a wonderful hubby to take you somewhere special. Just popping in to say Hello.

Anonymous said...

Hey Cindy,

Did you go to your old high school? Didn't mom work on "Snob Hill" for a while (Donatello I think).

Love you bunches!

This N That said...

Love,love,love San Francisco..My Mother lived there and I've been to a couple of meetings there..Looks like you were having a wonderful time..Fantastic pictures..Thanks for sharing..

Sue said...

It looks like a fabulous trip. We are thinking of the Carmel area for our next get away so I will be anxious to see your post. Every time we go to SF we usually head north to wine country ~ looks like we should stay in the city for a change.

Unknown said...

Hi Chris,
No, we stayed in the city. But yes we were right down the street from where Mom worked on Powell. That's one steep hill!
Love ya

Angela ~ Call Her Blessed said...

Our one trip to CA was in 2004, just my hubs & me {our kiddos stayed with the grandparents}. We visited San Fran, San Jose, Santa Clara, Carmel, Monterey ...we absolutely loved Pebble Beach & the 17 Mile Drive. SOO beautiful. Looking at your pics brings back memories. Can't wait to see the rest ...looks like a fabulous time!

Alycia Nichols said...

Happy Belated Anniversary! How wonderful that you were able to go back to where it all started to celebrate! And upgrade you did!!!! Wow!!!! What a fabulous room! I love it that they actually put a telescope in there to enjoy the view! I have never been to San Francisco (I know...what am I waiting for, right?), but it looks like the perfect place to have a good time...especially if you're staying at the Fairmont! :-) I love those row houses...isn't that what they're called? They're all REALLY close together, but I suppose I could get over that in time. The area referred to as New Longview out here in Lee's Summit has tried to replicate that look and feel. I'm just glad you guys had a blast and made it back safely!!!!!!

Http:// said...

Good for you. San Francisco was our honeymoon as well. We also stayed in Carmel. I was just there 3 weeks ago. Just absolutely amazing!!
Happy Anniversary!!

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