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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Lots of stuff going on over in my neck of the woods this week!  Miss Beaux will be getting her braces off soon! We had the last appointment today before the big reveal.  She is more than ready.  I've been doing a lot, A LOT of Puppy sitting for my son's new little guy.

   I believe it's almost like having a child!  Well almost....

And today my Oldest son is moving out into his own apartment.  Don't worry I'll be puppy sitting every day while he is at work so I know I will see him lots!  He'll come over after work and raid my fridge and do a load of laundry I'm sure.  It's hard to let go nonetheless... I hate those empty bedrooms.  The middle son is away at college (only 30 minutes away) and in a few years my last little babe will by graduating from High School and off to College.  OK, getting misty eyed so enough of that!!!

Yesterday I got a sweet little note from Karee at The Vintage Chateau saying that she nominated me for the Liebster Blog award.  I didn't know that such a thing existed so I looked it up. 

This award is given to bloggers with less than 200 followers who deserve more recognition.
Here are the rules:

  • Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog.
  • Link back to the blogger who awarded you.
  • Give your top 5 picks for the award.
  • Inform your top 5 by leaving a comment on their blog.
  • Post the award on your blog.
Honestly, I started this blog on a whim!  I wanted a creative outlet to share my tablescapes and design ideas with other bloggers like Susan on Between Naps on the Porch. I had stumbled upon her blog while gathering ideas one year and started my blog a year later.  The more blogs I read the more inspired I became!!!  It was exactly what I needed.  People have reached out to me and commented on my blog with the nicest and most genuine good wishes! 
 I am excited every day to rise up and meet the challenge of this blogesphere!

I still have so much work to do and so much to learn.  It is certainly an adventure.  An adventure that I feel I am taking with ALL of you!  The blogs that inspire me, my followers, and everyone who visits my page.  My family has been just as excited as I am and very supportive.  I'm not sure that they understand what a "Link Party" is or what my Stats mean but they are excited all the same.  They have seen a new happiness glowing in my cheeks, even tho they are sometimes smudged with paint or dust and dirt.  So thank you, and I look forward to an exciting 2012!
Beaux R'eves
XO Cindy 
When I have more time I will reveal my 5 top picks to pass on the Liebster Award, but now I have to go move a kid!

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Jan@southernjunkin' said...

I too have been on a wonderful the thrill you receive when riding a roller coaster! Blessings for a great week!

Maureen Wyatt said...

Congratulations on your award! There is always something new to be excited about in blogland! ~ Maureen

Anita @ Sweet Southern Breeze said...

Congratulations! Your blog is always beautiful and a delight to visit!

Cheryl said...

So proud of you, sis! XOXO

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