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Monday, September 22, 2014

A Look at Fall over at Nell Hill's

The calendar says that it is officially Fall 
and this week the weather 
is finally hinting at it.  
I was finally motivated this weekend 
to drag out all of my fall boxes 
and start decorating.  
Of course I always need a good dose 
of inspiration before I start any project.  
We took a trip out to Nell Hill's 
for her Fall Open House 
a few weeks ago
and Mary Carrol did NOT disappoint!  
It is always so overwhelming 
that I have to walk thru twice 
before I can pick anything up to purchase.  
 As we walked in we were greeted with champagne 
and this wonderful blue and white display.  
What I love about Nell Hill's 
is that the prices are always so reasonable.  
The table settings are also chalk full of great ideas.  
I love the mix of colors and patterns here.  
Texture, pattern, color and shine... 
Oh wait, that was Stacy and Clinton right?  
My BFF bought one of the plaid trays.  
So cute!
I have a set of Johnson Bros 
that would look good with this setting.  
Hmmmmmm, maybe you will see this 
setup for Thanksgiving...
More great ideas.  
Need some Gallery inspiration?  
I am always inspired 
when I am here by the sheer talent pool.  
To be a fly on the wall 
when they are setting up displays...
Fall mantel ideas anyone?  
So much Eye Candy!
Simple but so much impact!
Of course, all of the beds were dressed for Fall.
So Adorable!
I loved the pillows on this bed.
Very pretty!
Plaid always says Fall to me.
Graphics for Fall...
I bought these baskets for Spring this year.  
I like how she has them all decked 
out with Fall foliage.

I fell in love with these tiny white flowers, 
so of course 
they had to come home with me.
I will show you my 
front door baskets tomorrow!  
Until Next Time,
Beaux R'eves,

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ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

Lucky you Cindy...I LOVE Nell Hill's!! I have a few of her things but they no longer sell online:-(

Pat said...

I have been to two of Nell Hill's Open Houses. . .and they are so elegantly executed!!!
My husband and I went a few years back on an early in the week day
and we were amazed at the things you miss during Open House!!!
I agree, her talented staff is fabulous!!!
But then, just image the selections they have to work from!!!
Thank you for sharing all her exquisite home decor with us!!!
Inspiration abounds here!

Kathy Olson said...

Love Nell Hill!

Stacey said...

Those beds are gorgeous!! I love the way they are layered with unmatching but related items. I want to copy one of them. :)

This N That said...

Love it..It would take me a week to find a "favorite"...Eye candy for sure!!

Jeanette said...

So many gorgeous thing to look at, I don't know where I'd look first!

Alycia Nichols said...

Hi, Cindy! I'm not sure whether this is the Parkville/KC Nell Hills or the one up in Atchison, but wow....just wow!!! I have never been to Atchison, and I keep saying I need to get up there. I guess I just fear going bankrupt from being overzealous in my buying, and this confirms it!!! I would go cray-cray up in there!!! :-)

I love all of the avant garde combinations of pattern, shape and texture. One thing's for sure: Nell Hill's doesn't play it safe with that kind of thing! Great inspiration at every turn!

Thanks for planting the seed in my brain again to get up there to Atchison. Meanwhile, maybe I can persuade Ramon to stop in at the Parkville location when we go on the Fall Parade of Homes. Doubtful! :-) Have a great weekend!!!

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