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Saturday, August 30, 2014

New Kitchen Rugs and Long Weekend Ramblings

Hello Everyone!  
I am so thankful for this long weekend!  
I have lots of things to check off my to do list 
and hopefully I can sneak in a little bit of R&R too.  
I want to thank everyone that commented 
on my Empty Nest post.  
I love hearing your stories 
and I tried to respond to those who have emails 
associated with their comments.  
So far, so good and she is coming home 
over the holiday weekend.  
Of course my boys have now decided 
that they need more "Mom" time 
so they have been stopping by to work out in the gym, 
eat dinner and build a dog house with Mr. Beaux.  

I wanted to share my new kitchen rugs with you all.  
Lately, I have been disappointed 
my purchases for the house.  
I think I figured out that I was very distracted 
with Miss Beaux going off to college 
and I wasn't really focused on the house.  
Understandably so!  
So, when I get that way (distracted) 
I always remember to treat myself like a client.  
I need to go thru the whole process 
and not just guess.  
I would never just "hope" that something 
would coordinate with one of my clients!  
I always have my samples and measurements 
and colors with me when I shop.  
I plan it all beforehand so as to avoid mistakes.  
OK, so this is the "BEFORE" rug 
that I bought at Home Goods 
while Miss Beaux and I 
were out shopping for her Dorm.  
 And here is a coordinating rug in the same line.  
I wanted two rugs, 
one for the sink area 
and one for the French Doors out to the deck.  
I like the rugs and I love the quatrifoil pattern 
but the colors were just too bright for me.  
It just wasn't working!  
It was back to the drawing board...  
I was cruising around on Joss and Main 
and I saw this outdoor rug on sale.  
The price was great $22.95 for a 5X3 rug.  
So I ordered two.  
I loved the pattern and knew that the colors 
were more to my taste... 
More subdued and muted.  
And they matched my new Kitchen towels!  
 And my new placemats! 
 As luck would have it, 
I was contacted recently by 
to review their rug pads.  
Perfect timing I would say!  
I am very particular about my rug pads 
on the hardwood floors.  
I have had experiences when working 
with model homes where the rug pads 
had disintegrated when we went 
to move the furniture out, 
leaving terrible marks behind.  
The floors had to be re-sanded and redone.  
That's a lot of money wasted because 
the wrong rug pad was used.  
This rug pad is the Superior-Lock pad 
made specifically for hardwood floors.  
It is felt on one side with a rubber backing.  
This rubber backing won't hurt your floors 
and it's quite cushiony which is important
when you have to stand and do dishes!
This is a flatweave rug so I ordered the rug pad 
with the slimmer profile.  
The best thing about my new rugs 
is that they are Indoor-Outdoor rugs!
Yep, I can just take them outside and hose them off!  
The ends will flatten out more as time goes on...  
And I am putting the other rugs 
in the upstairs Jack and Jill bath.
Have a great weekend!

Until Next Time,
Beaux R'eves,

Disclaimer: I write this blog for my own personal enjoyment and hopefully the enjoyment of others.  Occasionally, I am offered a product to review.  When that happens, the review is 100% my own opinion.  Unfortunately, most of the time my own opinion is based on things that I have purchased on my own and not supplied by others to review. 

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SueBee said...

Hi Cindy! I love your rugs.. Did Miss Beaux take the original ones with her to college?
I will keep in mind your idea about treating yourself like a client and being prepared with colors and ideas. I've returned too many items that ended up being mistakes.

StagerLinda said...

Wow, when I first started reading the post, I thought 'oooh I love that rug. It really 'pops' on that floor'. Then you showed the other rug and I thought 'winner-winner'. BUT, the last rug was such perfection! I love that you waited for 'the one' -- and what a difference it makes. So great that it goes with your mats and towels! Happy find at a great price.

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

I love your new rugs and I liked the bolder ones you showed first, too, but I know how some things just aren't quite right.

Shenita @ Embellishments by SLR said...

Cute rugs, Cindy! Love the blues that you've brought in. Everything looks so great together. Hope you're having a great weekend!

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

Cindy I love your new rugs and your new placemats and your new towels!! I just started adding more blue to my kitchen and saw those placemats in I wish I bought them!!

Unknown said...

Your new rugs is gorgeous.
Love those edgings, so beautiful,
and tatting is just so neat, but unfortunately a lost art. Thanks for sharing these lovely white linens, they are dreamy and look so fresh, neat and lovely..
Sophisticated Room Design

Nellie's Cozy Place said...

Hi Cindy,
I am with you I like the new ones best for your kitchen. Altho, I think the others were beautiful too, Like how everything matched up, all very pretty. I am looking for some new rugs for my family room, but so far just can't
find anything that says come home with me. I am not sure but thinking about a sort of vanilla colored shag rug
possibly.......but then I have to find a smaller rug that would go with it for by the door, and not sure I would want
that rug to be Vanilla guess I will just keep looking and one day something will yell it wants to
come home with me!! lol
Glad you are getting to see your children, in the beginning that is the best way, and then you get where you
stretch the time a lil more and a lil you get used to them being out of the house, and they are
feeling the same way you are to some extent but they will never say that...........I used to leave their messages
on the answer phone just so I could hear their voice daily...........and it really helped. This time of life is good and
sad all at the same time, but having a good relationship with your husband really makes it easier. But we have
been with our children pretty much 24/7 their whole life and even tho we know the Lord has more in
store for us, we will always love seeing them........and being with them, and it is a joy watching them get their
wings and make their way in the world, and seeing their first time for this and that,, but it is grievous at times to let them go.............
It has almost been a year and we are still getting adjusted to my daughter living in N.C. now, she lived near us her
whole life, so it has been hard at times, yet good in so many ways, but at times we miss each other so much.....cause we are really best friends now...........
These empty nest years tho are mostly fun as a couple cause after all that is who we started out with...........and we
don't have to worry about the children, so we can come and go when we please and pretty much do what we want,
which is freeing, but it is also like you have worked yourself out of a job, and you can feel a bit lost at first.
but we will always love having the family all together.................a whole new season of life..........
Blessings and Prayers,

S H Elliott said...

Like your rugs...and I need to visit rug PadPadusa to look for a pad for my great room rug. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Your new rug looks perfect in the kitchen. I like it much better than the others, good job!

Cynthia said...

Cindy great rugs. Love the plaid but they are all so pretty. Didn't respond about the empty nester since we have no children, just fur babies. Have great weekend. Things with new house are starting.


Joy/The Olde Farmhouse said...

Cindy: The new plaid rugs are great...plaid is such a classic! Interesting tips on rug pads; thanks!

This N That said...

I have had those rubber backings deteriorate as well..Leaving marks that were removable with a little elbow grease..Love your rugs..That's me.."quiet and subdued"..subtle..I think one doesn't get tired of it so soon..Have a fun weekend..

Suzanne said...

I have always loved your pretty kitchen, and the rugs are terrific. Good luck on being an empty nester. My oldest daughter left for graduate school in California last summer. It is tough for sure!

Liz@ HomeandGardeningWithLiz said...

Love the look of the rug you found- the colors are better! The rug pad looks like a perfect choice.

Unknown said...

so cute and simple rugs . i love this simple rugs. its perfect for our kitchen

bryen mattew said...

Love this post! This is a really good blog wish more people would read this, you offer some really good suggestions on kitchen rugs Thanks for sharing!

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