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Friday, December 20, 2013

Beaux R'eves Christmas Home Tour

Happy Holidays!  
Merry Christmas!  
Are you all ready and set for the big day?  
Or, are you like me and in kind of a spinning flurry of activity trying to get the last minute details all finished?  
In my last post I promised you two things
~ A home tour of my home decorated for Christmas 
and a little more info on what 
I have been up to for the past months...
Let's start with the home tour 
and chat as we look at the pics.
BTW, I am watching 
"It's A Wonderful Life" 
as I am writing this... Such a classic!!!
I decided to go in more of a "classic" direction this year 
 for Christmas.  I found a beautiful Plaid ribbon that 
matched my Carolers that I have had forever.  
I used the plaid ribbon on the stair garland and kept it very 
simple and added some extra sparkle with a very cool 
ribbon from Nell Hills.  
 My BFF and I made a trip out after Thanksgiving 
 and found some fun things for holiday decorating.  
So, maybe you are wondering how the 
"house up for sale" all went?  
Well, we put the house up in April 
and had a lot of showings.  
Gee, isn't that a LOT of work!!!  
Clean, clean, clean, get out of the house, 
take the dogs with you...  
We did that for about three months 
and got a few bites but nothing serious 
so we took it off the market.  
We just didn't want to interrupt Miss Beaux's Senior year of High School with moving etc...
Aren't they the cutest little carolers?  
I love red plaid!  
I am looking for a new red plaid shirt right now 
to replace the one I shrunk in the wash!  
I found these guys when we lived in California.  
I won a silent auction bid for a little boutique near where we lived and they are what I picked out with my winnings.  

I put some greens and white flowers 
in this silver reindeer bowl 
that I picked up at an Estate sale,
I carried the Plaid into the dining room 
by adding the same ribbon 
to the the dining room table centerpiece.   
We held our Company Holiday Party here at the house so I had a lot of floral arrangements.  

Thanks for stopping by to see the Entry and the Dining Room come back over for the Living Room, and Kitchen Hearth Room next...

Until Next Time,
Beaux R'eves


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Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

I love plaid too! I use it downstairs cause up here I use mainly red and gold. I do have some tartan dishes though!!! I will do a post with them soon. LOVE yourt beautiful home. Our old house STILL isn't sold, has been on the market for a YEAR now. It is SO frustrating plus for every showing we have to go over there, blow or rake the driveway, put the lights on, vacuum, etc., etc. AAUUGGHH!!!!

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