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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Pottery Barn Knock Off JCPenney Slipcovered Sectional Review

I bought the new JCPenney slipcovered 
sectional back in September of last year.  
I did a lot of research online 
before I even went out looking at new furniture.  
I knew that I wanted a sectional 
so I also did a lot of measuring 
to make sure that it would fit the space.  
I really liked the look of the Pottery Barn Sectional 
but I sure didn't like the price!  
So, I looked at alternatives with the same look. 
 I had read about the Ikea EKTORP sectional 
and it looks so similar to the Pottery Barn sectional.  
You can read Jenn's post at City Farmhouse HERE.  
The only problem was that we didn't have an IKEA 
close to us... We do now!  
But back in September we did not!  
So my search continued 
until I came across the Friday Twill 
Slipcovered Sectional at JCPenney.  
The twill slipcovers are very durable 
and they remove easily for washing.  
The seat and back pillows are filled 
with a feather blend mixture of 
50% polyester fiber 
and 50% feathers.   
The back pillows are also channel-sewn 
into multiple compartments 
to ensure they keep their shape.
 I do notice that we tend 
to sit in one or two spots...  
The right hand side seat is the best seat 
in the house for casual TV watching 
and the corner is for serious movie 
watching and napping.  
Since these cushions get more use 
I rotate them about every two weeks 
or so to ensure even "wear" on them.  
The cushions do fluff up nicely though 
by taking them and laying them flat 
and evening out the filling.  
So basically, you lay them flat and pound 
on them until the feathers are evenly distributed.  
It is supposed to have a lived in look 
so I don't mind a few wrinkles here and there.  
Sometimes there are a few wrinkles 
in the back that I have to straighten out too.  
But that has been only like twice since I have had it.  
I think that is the nature of having a slipcovered sofa...  
Of course I love the neutral color (Natural) 
and how I can interchange pillows 
for the seasons to change up the look.  
Of course with a color this light 
it is bound to get dirty.  
I have three dogs...  
They bring in all kinds of dust and dirt 
and muddy paws when it rains...  
That was my biggest fear pre-purchase.  
But, all in all it is not too bad.  
We have a few throws the same color as the sofa 
that we put on the seat cushions to keep it a bit cleaner.  
We mostly do that because I never know 
when there will be a showing.  
I can just pop the throws off 
and have a nice clean sofa!  
The tags say to Dry Clean the slipcovers 
but I had heard that you can wash them.  
I finally decided to wash them right before 
our Realtor Open House last Tuesday.  
I only washed the seat cushions 
because they were the dirtiest.  
I popped them in the washer with cold water 
and a bit of OXI-Clean and regualr detergent. 
I let them hang dry for about three hours 
and then put them in the dryer on the lowest setting.  
I was really afraid of shrinkage 
but they came out perfectly!  
They went back on easily 
(except the end cushions with the 
L-shape were a little tricky) 
and came out nice and clean!  
I would have to sum it up by saying 
that I am super happy with my decision 
and with the sofa overall!  
It has exceeded my expectations for comfort 
and wash-ability!  
I give it two thumbs up (and a few paws up too!).  

Until Next Time,
Beaux R'eves,

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Pamela said...

Love your sectional Cindy! I wish we had enough room in our living room for one. I have been eyeing the Ikea Ektorp sofa but am afraid it sits too low for everyday use. I will have to look at the measurements of the JCPenny couch. I have looked at it before I believe.

Joy/The Olde Farmhouse said...

Hi Cindy: Love, love, love your sectional and how great that the slipcovers washed well. Your room (home) is beautiful and I am sure you will sell quickly! Best of luck to you in finding another home.
Joy of

Ron said...

I love the JCP sectional too. Looks great in your space.

Unknown said...

I love slipcovered furniture and I love your sectional.

Missy George said...

Love it..I have one the same shape but it's an Aqua microfiber and the pillows are attached (backs)..The corner pillow is square..(can't rotate it)..My dog lies on the back to look out the window and that pillow has a permanent dent in it..I would have yours if I could do it all over again..

Karri Custardo said...

Beautiful and where did you find that lovely chair? I love the whole room!

Joanne said...

Such a lovely, soft palate. I love the chair in the Buffalo check. Your seamstress did an excellent job. Love the buttons. I've pinned this to my Livingroom board. Thank you for the review on the JC Penney sectional.

Bobbi Jo Voelker said...

Hi Cindy, Thanks so much for doing this review. We've been considering a sectional for our living room as well. We too, do not have a Ikea near so I do appreciate the option of alternative source. Furniture is such an investment, so it's great to hear someone's experience before taking the plunge! Thanks again. Love your living room!

Stephanie @ The Cozy Old Farmhouse said...

Love your sectional and the review was really helpful. I hope to get a sectional some day soon. The thing I'm confused about though is the price. You said you didn't like the Pottery Barn price so that's why you went with JCP, but when I looked up each one online the JCP sectional is almost double the cost of the Pottery Barn basic sectional. I'm just wondering how you got a better deal at JCP than you would have with PB?

Cindy Ritchie said...

Hi Stephanie,

The Pottery Barn sectional (the one with the down wrapped cushions) is on sale for $3189 regularly $3999.00 plus shipping. We bought the JCP sectional on sale during Labor Day weekend when it was half off plus I had extra coupons and free delivery. It worked out to be around $2,000.00. If you wait until they have sales they usually give a pretty deep discount. The JCP sectional comes standard with the down wrapped cushions and with Pottery Barn it is an upgrade. Hope that helps!


Nicole Andrus said...

a year you still agree that the cushions are keeping their shape? The problem with our "work horse" sofa is that the spots we sit most are now saggy and completely uncomfortable. We've had the sofa since 2009 it's time for a change!

Unknown said...

I am looking to replace slipcovers for the original JCPenny Linden Street Friday Slipcover sectional - but they appear to be discontinued. What would you suggest for the same look?

Susan Evans said...

I am looking to replace slipcovers for the original JCPenny Linden Street Friday Slipcover sectional - but they appear to be discontinued. What would you suggest for the same look?

Emily Paterson said...

Susan, I am in the same boat. I bought the Ikea Ektorp slipcovers and they are just too small and do not fit the Linden Street pieces. Anyone else have a solution? I am so upset with JC Penney!

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