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Thursday, April 16, 2015

We Have A Winner!

I want to fill you in on everything 
that has been going on lately.  
I hate when I am "absent" 
and unable to let you know what is going on.  
My sweet Summer girl has been very sick.  
She is a Cocker Spaniel and she is 16 years old.  
She has lost a ton of weight 
and has had all kinds of problems.  
We were convinced that she had cancer 
and we were ready for the grave news 
this week during an ultrasound.  
But it turns out that she has Cushing's Disease 
and there is medication for it that will 
get her all healthy again!   
The signs and symptoms were almost 
the same as bladder cancer.  
I am so grateful that she will soon 
be back to her old self!  
Between caring for her and 
having a ton of 
"Showings" for the house
I haven't had a minute 
to do any blogging.

That's her on the left.  
She is such a sweet girl!  

OK, sorry to hijack the prize winning announcement!  

The winner of the beautiful wreath 
from Nana's Bungalow is:


To check the validity of the random drawing 
you can go to: 
and enter ticket number:



Congrats O'Irish!

Since you are a "no reply blogger" please contact me by email so we can get your wreath to you!  

And a BIG thank you to Nana's Bungalow

for the lovely wreath!  


Until Next Time,

Beaux R'eves,



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Grammy Goodwill said...

So glad to hear your dog is recovering.

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

I'm sorry your sweetie is sick. My sweet kitty Romeo had to go to the vets today because he's been sick too.
Praying for them both!

And congrats O'Irish, the winner!

carol jane said...

So happy to hear your sweet doggie is getting better. I've read about Cushing disease, and says it happens to older dogs, guess yours would fit into that category. It's so difficult when our pets get ill. Just a word of caution for all the dog owners out there. There are thousands of dogs getting I'll and many have died from eating Purina beneful dog food. My sister just had to put her dog down yesterday actually. She got sicker and sicker after eating this food.if you look it up online you can find more details about it. So sad. It's still on the shelves in the grocery stores.

Cynthia said...

I'm so happy that she is okay. I know what it is like. We have two mini doxies and they are the love of our lives.


Jeanette P. said...

I'm so glad that you got good news. Our dogs are like our babies and they are our loves. I'm so glad that she has something that is treatable.

Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

Hope your baby (pup) will be ok!

Missy George said...

Congratulations..Pretty wreath..So glad your Pup can be treated...Have a wonderful weekend..

Benita Roberts said...

Hope your sweetie is doing better! Have a great day!

frankie said...

I hope your sweet dog gets better soon! I have a cocker spaniel that is 16 also and has had major ear problems for about 2-3 years. We have to really keep it clean and give him meds. He is starting to get thin also so I guess it is time for another vet visit. Love your blog and your home is beautiful!!

Jacob William said...

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